Wood Inspiration

Wood craft has been particularly creative in the last few years.

Considered old-fashioned, wooden items and furniture are making a huge comeback in Interior Design and Architecture. It is a new playground for young designers to express themselves.

Scandinavian Design focuses largely on working with timber, it joins simplicity with sophistication. Furniture is lighter, shapes are more elementary with focus on the function..

The steam bending method enabled designers to produce furniture with organic curved shapes. Among the first to incorporate this new process of fabrication, Charles and Ray Eames created their famous DSW chair using steam bending in the early 50ies. It is still one of the most favored pieces of furniture worldwide and a great source of inspiration for modern design.

When it comes to wood don’t just think standard flooring and furniture pieces, be creative! Use wood to define your interior by cladding walls and ceilings or lay your flooring diagonally to create more dramatic impact. Be playful with joinery, combine different woods like Ebony and Ash for a dynamic effect.

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