Wicklow Residence – Before and Initial During pics

Aside from all of the Supergarden stuff that I have been working on lately, the KLD team have been super busy working on a variety of other design projects. One of these is the re-design and extension of an existing stone cottage located in Wicklow. Collaberating with Renova, we have designed a new extension for the small property and completely reconfigured the interior spatial layout. Renova are busy carrying out building works and it is already starting to take shape…. I was very excited to step onto the building site last week and take in all of the changes that have already taken place!

So far the foundations, and structural elements have been implemented. We now have the new shell of the house intact… minus a roof, stairs and partitions that is! I will keep you updated… but for now I am feeling very excited!


The existing kitchen was small without a lot of natural light. The new design provides the client with an open plan space full of natural light
The old extension was poorly constructed and outdated. By demolishing it, we are able to create a much better space.


We will keep the original stonework visible in the new extension and make a feature out of it.
The new extension will have a contrasting smooth render finish lining up with the old stone work.