Team Interview: Agnieszka

ABOUT: Agnieszka Cieciora, age 26, I live in Co. Wicklow.

I am a graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (University of Arts Poznan now) with a degree in Interior Architecture with specialisation in Furniture Design. Prior to that I had studied a year long painting course.

What is your first memory of design?

My grandfather’s locksmith workshop established by my grandfather in Czestochowa 1968 who was head of jury in The Czestochowa National Guild of Master Craftsmen. He was an exceptionally skilled craftsman and the first Designer that I could observe at work. I observed him from a young age as he devised creative solutions to everyday design flaws and problems. I think that I inherited his interest for problem solving and creative thinking mixed with my extraordinary appreciation for arts and composition. This was why I wanted to study interior architecture and furniture design.

What attracted you to working in Design?

The fact that I can channel my creativity and use a limitless imagination, sharing it with people, finding out about their dreams and trying to bring them to life. And most of all the element of surprise that I can bring to my designs and observe people’s reactions.

Where do you find inspiration?

In observation and questioning the world. I always keep my eyes open to the things that surround me, I am interested in how every aspect of the world works. The beauty of nature and human creation in everything from art to technology can be very inspiring. But sometimes the best inspiration is in the challenge of things that don’t work. From this  there is the area for improvement which demands good design to source the best solution.

How would you describe your own personal style?

Experimental and all about unique detailing.

What attracted you to working with Kingston Lafferty Design?

When I first saw works by KLD I was impressed by their courage in breaking schemes, bold ideas, and extraordinary mood creation.

What is your favourite aspect of the job?

The challenge to always create something different and unique.

How do you like to switch off and unwind when you’re not working?

Good movies, especially those that focus on interesting analyses of human psychology. I also enjoy activities such as team sports, or events. I recently organised a non profit festival with my friends. I enjoy activities like this that bring people together to generate something good or valuable.




Thesis: This chair design formed the basis of my final year thesis. I wanted a design that was modern, elegant but would still possess a longevity and stand the test of time.

Cruella 3

Handbag Design: During my studies I took a seminar in scenography. Scenography is the art of creating performance environments; it can be composed of sound, light, clothing, performance, structure and space. This hand bag design was one of the practical projects I undertook as part of this study.


rysunek - Copy

LIFE: Life drawings are something my course focused heavily on. Detailing the emotions and demeanor of human faces and postures is as interesting as it is challenging.

AGA Mood Board

Inspiration: a collection of imagery and designers who inspire me in their limitless imagination and creativity.