Super Garden: Hazel’s Garden, Week One


Week one saw Hazel design a garden in Westport, Co Mayo for Joanne and her daughter Lily-Rose.

Art work

Artwork in gardens is something that people are starting to spend more time on in Ireland. Art has been a staple in European gardens for years and it is a fantastic way to add colour, personality and fun to the garden space. It is also another way of linking the garden to your interior space.

Hazel has incorporated some striking art pieces into her garden design. For me, they are a favourite piece in her garden. The main piece is an artistic divider between the two levels of the space. Hazel worked with a local artist to create the screen out of fibre glass and then created a soft, hand painted finish. Her use of colour added vibrancy and a strong focal point to the space. What I particularly like is the way that Hazel used the Cuprinol colours. Hazel combined a set of complimentary red based colour tones to create tone and warmth. Abstract painting works so well in the garden and is quite unexpected.

Art is a very personal thing so be selective in the pieces you choose. Make sure you love them and they brighten your day when you look at them!

Colours used: Crushed Chilli, Rich Berry, Raspberry Sorbet, Purple Pansie, Summer Damson, Rhubarb Compot


Consider mixing different tones to create a focal point or mural within your garden. Use colours that reflect your own personal taste. Cuprinol paint is such a versatile way to change up your garden and is very easy to liven up if you change your mind!



Always consider the journey and experience within any space you are designing.

Creating different zones in the garden creates the feeling of different rooms. It makes for a more exciting space and experience. There is something magical and a little ‘Alice in Wonderland’ about the hidden, lower area. It means that you are taken on a winding journey when you walk out into the garden; An unexpected journey of discovery. What works so well in Hazels garden is the soft use of the curve. It gently leads you around the garden and down the sloped level to the secret lower room of the garden.

Rather than having your garden all visible, think about defining different areas and adding your own secret sanctuary to escape to. Curves are calming and can be a pretty addition to most garden spaces. Meandering paths evoke curiosity and lead you through the space. They are much more exciting than having everything visible all at once.



One of Hazels key considerations with her design was the need the homeowner had for privacy. This is a common issue as a lot of houses are very overlooked by others. The boundaries are the walls to the garden room and should be thought of as such.

Hazels garden is the largest on this season. In order to save on budget, she recycled the existing fencing and painted it in a rich Red Berry tone. This brave and creative choice was perfect for the space. It adds warmth and richness to the garden and unifies the large boundary area.

When selecting your colour for your boundary, think about the atmosphere you want to create and make sure to test a few options before committing. Much like interior colour, it is important to get the tones right!