Super Garden, Week 3



Week 3 on site continued to go well, apart from the unexpected uncovering of an old well located centrally between the boundary garden wall of number 11 and number 12! Unfortunately this is exactly where we were planning to build a retaining concrete wall, so it is now time for the Engineer and the contractor to come up with some other solutions! Week 3 also saw the start of the drainage for the delta damp proof system within the basement being installed. Dry rot and wet rot throughout the house have been stripped and treated and mechanical and electrical works are beginning to be carried out. The enduring task of excavating the tiered garden, by manually using wheelbarrow loads is going well, and temporary propping has been put in place for the duration of the external excavation.

Kingston Lafferty Design – high vis and steel capped boots!
Original plaster stripped to expose dry rot within original brick wall.
New pressure treated oak lintel secured with lime mortar
Garden excavation underway
Temporary propping during garden excavation. Additional underpinning was carried out at archway wall.
Original stone well full of stagnent water. At least 6m in depth.
Kingston Lafferty Design keeping an eye on works!
Steel beams to create archway from kitchen into extension
Basement drainage being fitted
The kitchen
Our makeshift office!