Super Garden Week 2


Construction works have started on Drimnagh Residence and we are very excited!!

The brief for this project was to design a house for a young expanding family with a separate apartment with its own side entrance.

The challenge was to connect two living spaces that could also work well as one unit. It was a tricky task as we had to incorporate two functional living spaces into a relatively small house. The new design needs to be multifunctional and also fully adaptable in the future.

The idea behind the concept for this project was to create a space within space.

The proposed design consists of a living space for a young family and a separate apartment.  We have designed a double sided kitchen that would serve as a central focal point of the design. Two separate living areas are interconnected by series of entrances that can be opened or closed based on the need.


Front facade of the Drimnagh residence waiting for her makeover to begin.


Front entrance to Drimnagh Residence before the construction started


Below image shows the side entrance to an old extension that served as a utility room. We are rebuilding the boundary wall and renovating the entrance into a side entrance for the apartment.


Existing side entrance before construction


The kitchen is the focal point of the proposed design. The existing kitchen below had a limited natural light coming in and a small window with a view into the corridor.


The original kitchen
The original kitchen


The garage area will be completely transformed into an apartment bedroom area.


Existing garage to be transformed into a bedroom
Existing garage to be transformed into a bedroom


The original shed adjacent to the house had to go in order to provide a space needed for the new extension. Bye-bye shed, we will not miss you.


View from the side entrance onto the existing garden shed
View from the side entrance onto the existing garden shed



Finally!! The demolition plans are being carefully reviewed and inspected. Oh, a lot of red colour is popping up and, therefore, some walls will need to be demolished. New exciting changes are on the horizon.


Demolition plans are ready


Neighbours boundary wall demolished


Demolition works in progress
Interior demolition works in progress


1st Floor Bathroom being stripped out



Demolition is moving quickly and the changes are more and more prevalent. The new boundary wall is up, the construction of the extension begun and the exterior shell of the house was completed.


New boundary wall


The construction of the new extension begun


New external walls are up


Walls for the new extension are completed


We will keep you posted on a further progress as the time goes on.



Ballsbridge Residence Interior Design – Week 2

It is hard to believe how much interior work has already happened in two weeks. Well done so far to Cill Dara Homes, they sure are getting stuck in!

Not only has all of the extensive demolition work been carried out, but so much of the new structure is underway, windows measured and ordered etc.

It is so exciting to be able to see how the two houses have been knocked together to create one overall house. For those who aren’t great at visualising, I promise this mess is going to look great very soon!

And for those, like us, who get very excited during construction… keep checking back to see the progress!

A lot of propping required to keep the roof in place

Soon to be the bootroom below and master suite above!

A few on site changes… as to be expected!

Bulkheads to frame the kitchen and pantry wall and create tunnel into boot room and kids room… We love our bulkheads!

Soon to be a full height, floor to ceiling fixed glass panel in the kitchen..


Week 2 on site has gone as well as week 1, with the vast majority of all the internal excavation and demolition works being completed. Structural steel beams, angles and new oak lintel have been installed so we can take comfort that the house is secure! All internal partitions in the basement have been removed, the new level has been attained and some additional underpinning has been carried out on one of the internal boundary walls. Upstairs has seen the levelling of the floor in the double bedroom and walk in wardrobe and the demolition of both bathrooms.

New raised and levelled floor level in the first floor double bedroom and walk in wardrobe
Original partition wall between en suite and main first floor bathroom
En suite bathroom stripped out leaving us room to design a new walk in double shower.
New level into the double bedroom
A scary look into the excated basement. New steel beam and column have been installed to support the house.
Underpinning of the fireplace in the basement kitchen was needed.
Scenic view from the back!