The scaffolding has now been removed so the whole house is now visible from the back. It is reading like a 3 story house now. The render is yet to be continued down onto the basement walls but it is still looking good! Also the new full height landing window has been fitted which we are delighted with. It looks great from both inside and outside. The natural light is flooding into the hall and landing and is really brightening up the space. In the garden, most of the reinforced concrete walls areĀ  done. The formwork has been removed, so the tiered structure of the garden is becoming more visible…Almost time to get our gardener down to work! Inside the house, plastering has been taking place in some of the bedrooms and bathrooms, giving a good impression of the finished spaces. More to come!

Rear elevation with new landing window installed
Full elevation with scaffolding removed
Reinforced structural concrete wall – highest tier of garden
structure of garden starting to form
Basement bathroom with partitions built, new windows fitted and ceiling skimmed
New double bedroom with first layer of plaster!
View from double bedroom into walk in wardrobe
Plastered interior of walk in wardrobe
View of new double height landing window out to garden