Super Garden Week 1


It’s a new year and a new construction site for KLD. We are back in the office with a bang! 

Kilmainham residence is a project that we have been working on for a while now. It is a small but exciting renovation of a residential property with an extension.

The brief was to update the ground floor kitchen, living room and dining, extend the space at the rear of the property and make it more contemporary looking.

Our client, a young couple, were open to some quirky choices of interior finishes so we are very excitedly awaiting the final result. We aimed to create the illusion of a larger space with the clever use of mirrors, glass and seamless joinery. The kitchen island will be the focal point sitting subtly in a kitchen space and acting as a continuation of the flooring.

Due to a lack of storage and space throughout the house, we have designed a full height seamless joinery units on a ground floor, added a hidden under stair storage and extra joinery in the master bedroom.  Every zone in this house has been designed to work effectively and efficiently, serving its purpose.


The site signs are up, except ours, which is to come up next week when we are back on site to check out on the progress.



Demolition works are swiftly underway. If you look closely you can see the back of the garden through the front door of the house.

Front facade


The access to the rear garden was not easy and to bring in this yellow beauty was quite a challenge but the excavation work is now in progress.

Site progress


This is what is left out of the original house, not so cosy at the moment!

View into the living room


The fireplace is the only reminder that this was once a livable place and not a construction site.

The old existing fireplace


Ceiling joists uncovered


Becky looking out of the window thinking what the future holds for us. We are aiming for a smooth progress on site and no nasty surprises.

Becky, full of thoughts


We will be updating you on a further progress over the coming weeks!


Construction works have started on Drimnagh Residence and we are very excited!!

The brief for this project was to design a house for a young expanding family with a separate apartment with its own side entrance.

The challenge was to connect two living spaces that could also work well as one unit. It was a tricky task as we had to incorporate two functional living spaces into a relatively small house. The new design needs to be multifunctional and also fully adaptable in the future.

The idea behind the concept for this project was to create a space within space.

The proposed design consists of a living space for a young family and a separate apartment.  We have designed a double sided kitchen that would serve as a central focal point of the design. Two separate living areas are interconnected by series of entrances that can be opened or closed based on the need.


Front facade of the Drimnagh residence waiting for her makeover to begin.


Front entrance to Drimnagh Residence before the construction started


Below image shows the side entrance to an old extension that served as a utility room. We are rebuilding the boundary wall and renovating the entrance into a side entrance for the apartment.


Existing side entrance before construction


The kitchen is the focal point of the proposed design. The existing kitchen below had a limited natural light coming in and a small window with a view into the corridor.


The original kitchen
The original kitchen


The garage area will be completely transformed into an apartment bedroom area.


Existing garage to be transformed into a bedroom
Existing garage to be transformed into a bedroom


The original shed adjacent to the house had to go in order to provide a space needed for the new extension. Bye-bye shed, we will not miss you.


View from the side entrance onto the existing garden shed
View from the side entrance onto the existing garden shed



Finally!! The demolition plans are being carefully reviewed and inspected. Oh, a lot of red colour is popping up and, therefore, some walls will need to be demolished. New exciting changes are on the horizon.


Demolition plans are ready


Neighbours boundary wall demolished


Demolition works in progress
Interior demolition works in progress


1st Floor Bathroom being stripped out



Demolition is moving quickly and the changes are more and more prevalent. The new boundary wall is up, the construction of the extension begun and the exterior shell of the house was completed.


New boundary wall


The construction of the new extension begun


New external walls are up


Walls for the new extension are completed


We will keep you posted on a further progress as the time goes on.




Week 1 in the development of Ranelagh Residence has already shown a massive change since last week. Redbrick construction have shown themselves to be very efficient workers. From outside the front of the house, it seems like a standard renovation could be taking place, but once you venture inside, it is quite another story! So far in the rear garden, the cantilevered extension, basement glass porch, concrete support walls and a lot of the garden have all been removed. Internally, the basement has begun to be excavated. Structural internal walls have been underpinned, the floor slab has been broken up and the sanitary ware has all been removed. Pits have been dug throughout the floor exposing the high water level, which is due to be drained this week, and mounds of earth are piled high throughout the space. See photos below to see the construction site:

Welcome to our office!
The first floor bedrooms have been knocked into one. The floorboards have been removed to prepare for the floor to be levelled.
The view from the hall out to the back garden. The door and window have been removed to allow for the new archway.
The basement bedroom with newly underpinned walls and excavated floor.
On the path to a beautifully landscaped garden!
Rear elevation with demolished extension and glass porch
View from basement hallway into the kitchen