At KLD, we believe that the most vital aspects of design are in the details. We love including wall art in our designs and especially admire the expressive freedom that accompanies typography pieces.

The use of typography as décor became increasingly popular in recent years, with the introduction of gallery walls. However, these creative prints also look great standing on their own, for a more minimal approach.

Whether it be a pop of optimism to brighten up a room, or a quote from a favourite artist, typography prints allow your personality to shine in a fun and sophisticated way.

A bright pink and orange framed print creates a nice contrast to the muted kitchen wall of our London residence,

South Circular – Kingston Lafferty Design

A great alternative to hanging a poster is to lean it against a wall, creating a tranquil atmosphere paired with potted greenery and your favourite trinkets! We loved this travel print paired with the dark green hues at our South Circular Road Residence.

poster graphic design interior living room style

Here, the warm tones of the room are reflected in the ode to John Lennon, and the composition of the print next to the layered shelves makes for an interesting focal point.


The minimal aesthetic of this dining room is captured perfectly by the Andy Warhol print, reminiscent of  modernity and simplicity, while remaining playful in the print’s off-center layout.

create interior design interiors fabric print graphic design style

Prints don’t only come in frames – try a fabric print to bring an airy and relaxing element of surprise to your home. And we can’t exclude how beautiful the dusty pink tones look in this interior!

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