20 Questions: Victoria, KLD Design Intern

At KLD, we’re fortunate enough to grace the presence of enthusiastic and creative budding designers, and that’s exactly what the lovely Victoria from the US of A is! Whilst also studying modern Irish literature at DCU, she is undertaking an internship here before heading back to New York to continue her studies. We put her under the spotlight to get to know her more.

1. What could you not live without?

My dog.

bernese poodle cross dog

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break? 

I would love to go to Morocco and see all of the architecture, like the Saadian Tombs.

Saadian Tombs

3. Who would you turn to in a time of need? 

My mom and my best friend.

best friends

4. Where’s your favourite place to eat in New York?

Atlas Cafe.

5. What do you love about interior design?

I love the ability to transform a space and how that transforms people’s attitudes, in turn.

6. Your favourite gadget or app?

Pinterest – I love the DIY projects it has!

7. What’s on your bucket list? 

I want to travel the world and do something to help refugees.

8. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Creative, patient, and curious.

9. What is your favourite saying?

“I paint flowers so they will not die,” which is right here in Ranelagh!

Frida Kahlo quote

10. What’s your stress reliever?

Sleep and Netflix.

11. Who would you happily be stranded on a desert island with? 

My best friends.

12. How would you describe your family? 

Big, loving, and funny.

13. What do you love about Ireland? 

I love how kind the people are and all of the pretty parks/spots to see!

14. What would be the last meal you’d want to eat? 

A lot of gelato.

15. Favourite country in Europe you’ve visited?


french beach

16. What hotel would you recommend staying in in New York? 

I haven’t stayed in it but I would recommend the Bryant Park Hotel for its beautiful exterior!


17. How would you describe your style?

It ranges from a little bit boho to more edgy.

18. What’s in your handbag? 

A notebook, some pins, chapstick and lipgloss, my iphone, and my coin purse.

19. What’s your favourite movie? 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

20. What’s on your to-do list for 2017?

Make more art, go to music festivals, and a road trip to Canada this summer!

20 Questions: Nita, KLD Office Manager

Nita joined the KLD team late last year as Office & Accounts Manager. Originally from Brazil, her incredible organisation skills keep us all in line, as well as her can-do attitude which make her the perfect fit for team KLD. Here we get a glimpse into the things important to her after office hours…

1. What could you not live without?

My family. Even though they are living far away now, they are my base, the support I need to keep going.

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break? 

By the sea, by a lake… I love water and it’s relaxing to have a weekend break with water views. However, I also like to be indoors so a weekend at home with friends over for dinner or a late lunch is also ideal.

3. What do you love about Ireland? 

It’s a safe place for everyone, where you can find a friendly face anywhere you go. It’s a happy place where people like to socialise and people are welcoming to anyone from abroad.

4. Where’s your favourite place to eat in Dublin?

I’m back to Dublin less than 6 months and I’m still adapting. I haven’t got out very often and there a lot of restaurant that I intend to go. Nevertheless, I also love food markets and I would suggest a stroll on Saturday’s Temple Bar Food Market. A “pig in the market” crepe and a “healthy kick” juice is an amazing choice for a kind of brunch. I also love Queens of Tarts on Cow’s Lane, the carrot cake is delicious, and The Keoghs Cafe on Trinity Street… both are good places to have a coffee or  brunch even by yourself.

5. What do you love about Interior Design?

The possibility of creating a space that put a smile on your face, a place where you feel comfortable and brings you good energy, a place where you can put a bit of your personality in it. In my home I like to use feng shui and colours. I like moving furniture around to show a different aspect of the rooms each time I have a party or just to play around with it.

6. Where’s your favourite place to visit in the world?

Italy, always Italy!! I loooove the food, the people, the weather, the views. I’ve been there about 10 times already and I intend to go back soon (still need to visit the south). Last time I was there I spent 2 months in Tuscany studying Italian. Meraviglioso !!

Crete Senesi

7. What’s on your bucket list? 

See the world, having a child, buy a home with water views.

8. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Like the moon!

9. What is your favourite food?

TASTY!! Right now I’m craving for a good barbecue (South Brazilian style).

10. What’s your stress reliever?

Watch series/movies and have some drinks with friends.

11. Describe your home in 3 words? 

Temporary, improving & cosy.

12. How would you describe your family? 

Big & Loud.

I have 5 siblings, 8 nephews/nieces and my parents are still alive (thank God). All together we are 20 people always around the table or in the kitchen cooking something good. I love my family to pieces!

13. What would be your top tip to staying organised? 

Create a place for each and every thing. This makes it easier to stay organised as you will create a habit to have the things back to their place.

14. How would you describe your style?

I don’t really think I have a style. I’m like the moon changing all the time. Sometimes my taste changes during a day. In the morning I’m feeling playful and choose a mix of patterns and in the afternoon I feel like a clown.

15. Favourite hotel in the world?

I always prefer Hostels. I don’t like sharing, I prefer a nice single room or twin if I’m travelling with a friend. But in Hostels I like the possibility of meeting new people and the fun that comes with it. If you’re like me I would suggest the Athenstyle in Athens with an amazing view of the Acropolis or Travellers House in Lisbon, very central and cosy. I also like hostels that are different and unique. There is one on my to do list: The Base Camp in Bonn, Germany. It’s a warehouse full of old restored trailers and campers.

6. Favourite thing about Dublin? 

Dublin is an alive city! No matter the weather people are on the streets, having a pint, a coffee, a laugh. I love that it’s a capital but it looks like a countryside town.

17. Best place in Ireland to visit? 

I haven’t travel much around Ireland. I know just some main sights to see like the Cliff’s of Moher, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry… but one place that I always like to go back and suggest to first time visitors is Glendalough and Powerscourt Gardens. I like the views, the flowers and the peaceful atmosphere.

18. What’s in your handbag? 

Wallet, lipsticks, tissue paper and recycle bags for groceries: I always carry 2 or 3 of them.

19. What’s your favourite movie? 

Impossible to decide. I love movies and I’m a bit eclectic!!

I like old movies like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singing in the Rain, Sound of the Music… I really like old musicals. But I also like all the Marvel movies as well as the Fantasy trilogies and the real life movies like The Pursuit of Happiness, The Pianist and the latest one Hidden Figures. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend it!

20. What’s on your to-do list for 2017?

Be 40 & Fabulous!!

San Gimignano
Ask The Team

Ask The Team is all about our talented designers helping you to solve your interior design dilemmas.

Our design team are full of insight and ideas so if you have a design question or are just in such of some inspiration hit us up!


I’d love to be bold and brave and paint my kitchen in a really dark shade to give it a totally new feel. Can you advise me on how to choose a dark colour that will really work? 

Thanks, Jane

Hi Jane,

Thanks for getting in touch. Dark kitchens can be so powerful and stylish. We love navy and bluey-grey tones lately and have recently designed a few kitchens in these dramatic yet elegant shades. When choosing a dark colour the first thing I would advise is to go for a shade that is very definitely dark. You will get great impact by going for a colour that has a lot of depth and really beautifully rich tone.

It’s always a good idea to test out your colours and consider them together with other key features of the space like flooring, splash-backs, tiles, fabrics and finishes. If a beautifully rich grey blue colour is something you’d be keen to try I’d recommend Colourtrend’s ‘Into The Stratosphere’ (Code: 0627) or Day Spa (Code: 0634) which has a beautiful bluey-green tone. Here are a few examples of dark kitchen units to get you inspired.

Happy decorating!


dark blue kitchen inspiration


Hi KLD Team!

I would like to revamp my hallway and stairs and love the paneling in your Before and After pics of the Ballsbridge Residence.  My hallway is quite dark but we have a nice feature window on our return and (currently) white woodwork around doors etc.  I have 2 young children and pets so the hall sees lots of action!  Can you advise on paint colour/wall treatment?

Thanks in advance, Sarah

Hi Sarah,

We love how paneling can completely transform a space. Very often opting for a dark colour in a dark space is most effective. It means the colour will have maximum impact and as designer Abigail Aherne has taught us we shouldn’t fear dark rooms but instead embrace dark and moody shades. In terms of colours we love Colourtrend’s Thunderstorm, its a gorgeously moody grey and will create an amazing impact in your hallway.

As hallways are high traffic areas a gloss paint can be a good idea as they are extremely practical and can be wiped clean, a good idea with children around. You can consult with your painter on how much of a sheen you would like, as it doesn’t always have to be a full sheen. Here are some dark hallways we really love to get you inspired.

Best of luck with it!


dark hallway panelling



Our kitchen and living room needs livening up however we can’t afford a new kitchen at the moment.  We just bought a vintage haberdashery unit which we intend to use as a peninsula island instead of our existing snack counter.  We have lots of interesting art work however we feel our walls don’t do them justice.  Any suggestions?


Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting in touch. I love the idea of the vintage unit for the peninsula island! Paint is one of the most powerful ways to transform on a budget – have you considered painting the space in an entirely different shade? You could also paint colour blocks behind your artwork to pick up on accent tones and really make the pictures stand out.

A gallery wall of artwork and photographs can also be a really nice touch. We love the IKEA picture ledges  – these are a really easy way of showing off lots of art in a fun way. Here are a few ideas for kitchen art that will hopefully help.


kitchen art inspiration

If you need further help from our design team, we have recently launched the ‘Create by KLD’ service; a personalised interiors masterclass by KLD. To find out more visit our Create by KLD page by clicking here.


For the last few months the KLD team have been working on a very exciting partnership with leading home-wares brand DFS. And we are so excited to finally be able to share all the deets on projects we’ve been working on and those to come – safe to say its going to be  a busy and exciting year!

DFS Factory Trip

At the end of last year Roisin and I went over to Derbyshire with DFS for a tour around one of their factories, their design studio, some styling and some hands on learning!

DFS sofa in production


The factory we visited was a hive of activity with all aspects of the sofa’s production taking place under the one roof. It was fascinating to see it all working together in one seamlessly smooth process that sees the the fabric from rolls cut to the pattern, hand stitched and then upholstered, while at the other end the timber frames are assembled and everything from the cushioned foam to the detailed seams and bottoning is taken care of before being examined to ensure the detail and quality is perfect being making it’s way to a customer.

It sounds pretty easy when you say it like that, but the craftsman ship and attention to detail that goes into each piece is incredible!

Deep button detailing


On the second day we went to the DFS design workshop to learn some more about DFS, their design process and how they arrive at their finished pieces. We met the team who take the ideas right from concept, to prototype, to customer testing and then to the market.

DFS textile design


Their in house textile designers were on hand to ell us about their process of designing and developing all their own fabrics and getting them custom printed from key pieces.

DFS completed textiles


After this it was time to get more hands on… If you thought upholstering was easy, it is not! We each got a Zinc Tub Chair to upholster but not only does it need to be perfectly finished, you need to be able to complete a chair to an excellent standard within a certain time frame.

KLD learn how to upholster…


Upholstering is quite a physical craft, so with safety goggles on and ear plugs in we got to work pulling and molding the fabric and foam into position and stapling it into place, and now a few weeks later our very own, upholstered by our very own hands (with a little help), DFS armchairs have arrived at KLD HQ!

It’s harder than it looks!


Upholstering mastered it was time to style up the DFS Moray Sofa at the Mill DFS Studio. Mixing the classic Mroay piece in chocolate combination colour with an industrial edge using the building accordion lift door as a back drop and adding a element of colourful richness with pops of jewel tones and prints.

DFS Moray styling


Time to relax!


DFS Events

In partnership with creative team at DFS our Creative Director Roisin Lafferty will be hosting two events in the coming weeks. The events based in the Carrickmines and Limerick stores and are free to attend. The event will include top tips from Roisin on creating your happy place as part of the DFS #MyHappyPlace campaign. There will be 10% off for customers at the event, as well as several prizes and delicious refreshments.

To reserve a place for you and a friend, email your name, address, telephone number and the city where you would like to attend to dfs@ocarrollconsulting.com. Places are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

DFS Photoshoot

Following the events we also have a beautiful photoshoot planned in a stunning secret location in Ireland, which we think will perfectly showcase the impressive range that DFS have available. We’ll be sure to share some behind the scenes shots from the shoot because this one is going to be really special!

20 Questions: Moya, KLD Designer

A year into the company, Moya heads up the Marketing & PR for KLD, as well as our managing Create by KLD, our masterclass consultation service where she shares her extensive design knowledge on how to update your home. She’s got a natural flair for all things pretty, as seen through her dreamy interiors blog designology.ie, and is a dab hand at making beautiful baked goods!

1. What could you not live without? Fresh flowers,  they can be an instant mood lifter and a great everyday way to decorate a room.

pink white flowers designology.ie

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break? At the moment its probably a city break to Copenhagen which is on my travel list for 2017. As a bit of a foodie and of course with an interest in design the city, with all its stylish cafes and boutiques really appeals to me at the moment. I’m also a little bit obsessed with all things Scandinavian

3. Who would you turn to in a time of need? My family and my boyfriend, Andrew.

4. What inspired you to set up your blog, Designology.ie?  I had been reading a lot of interiors blogs in the UK and America and was really inspired by them. However, I always found that the suppliers and pieces they featured were largely unavailable to me so I wanted to set up a blog with more of an Irish relevance. I have always loved styling and interiors and after seeing some really beautiful blogs across the world I really wanted to try it out myself. Its the perfect creative outlet for me to experiment and express myself.

irish interiors lfestyle blog

5. What is your favourite thing to write about? Anything interiors really but probably the home tours are one of the most enjoyable as an overall process. Its so nice to be welcomed into someone’s home and to see how they put their creative flare to use in their own space. Writing these pieces pretty much flows out of you because you leave on such a high after engaging with like minded people who are just really inspiring.

6. Your favourite gadget or app? Pinterest, I’m a pin-aholic!

7. What’s on your bucket list? To design and build my own house is probably my main bucket list dream.

8. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Creative, pragmatic and friendly.

9. What is your favourite saying? ‘You can’t use up creativity, the more you use the more you have’ – Maya Angelou

10. Favourite place to eat in Dublin? Forest Avenue – the menu is clean and elegant and everything from the ceramics to the simple, rustic decor is brought together so well.

forest avenue

11. Who would you happily be stranded on a dessert island with? Michael McIntyre – at least you’d be laughing!

12. How would you describe your family? Very close-knit.

13. What would be your number one design tip? Start with a blank canvas you love, details like beautiful paneling, architraves and cornices are always a great starting point.

14. How would you describe your style? I love well cut, structured clothes but at the same time the feminine side of me loves a big frill.

15. Favourite hotel in the world? I haven’t been but The Grand Hotel in Stockholm looks beautiful – one day!

the grand hotel bedroom stockholm

16. Favourite thing about design?  The fact that it is so tangible – the excitement of creating something really special and seeing it become a reality is hard to beat.

17. Best place in Ireland to visit? I love exploring Ireland but have a particular soft spot for the west. I have family in Westport in Mayo which will always be one of my favourite places to visit. 

18. What’s in your handbag? Aside from the usual and the clutter of receipts, a mini hair brush, Jo Loves Pomelo perfume, vitamins, about 3 pens and a mini notebook.

19. What’s your favourite movie? Notting Hill

20. What’s on your to-do list for 2017? A few exciting projects with KLD, trips to Copenhagen, Iceland hopefully and definitely a stay in a bubble dome under the stars in Finn Lough.finn lough bubble tent

20 Questions: Amy, KLD Interior Architect

Amy is an Interior Architect on the KLD team and has been with the company since Oct 2015. With a mind for details, dimensions and computer shortcuts, Amy is in many ways the KLD mother figure, always helping steer ship and guiding the team. Her adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors is immediately apparent and some might even say contagious!

1. What could you not live without? 

A Sea View.

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break?

Wild camping on the west coast of Ireland.


3.  Who would you turn to in a time of need? 

My Dad, always! He’s my champ (and on every emergency contact form ever).


4. What inspires you? 

People who set their dreams as their goals and go after them NOW, not later.

5. Your favourite gadget or app? 

Google maps is my constant love-hate companion.

6. What’s on your bucket list? 

Buy a little van, convert it into a camper and take a wee break to travel around Europe seeking inspiration (and rock climbing).


(Photos from van.crush on instagram, I’m obsessed!)

7. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? 

A Problem Solver.

8. What is your favourite saying? 

You only live once, so live now.

9. When did you realise you wanted to be an architect?

I grew up granddaughter to a QS and daughter to a contractor, some might say it’s in the blood…I call it early age conditioning! But on a heartfelt note, architecture is the perfect marriage of boundless creativity and practical problem solving – that is just me to the core. It’s a vocation and one I could never imagine wanting to leave.

10. How would you describe your family? 

Loving, outdoorsy, hilarious. They are my ideal people, wouldn’t swap them for anything!


11. What would be your number one design tip? 

Nothing is forever so go with your gut and make that change!

12. How would you describe your style? 

Simple shapes, earthy tones, soft textures with a standout piece of jewelry – loving brassy tones and bold shapes at the moment!

13. Favourite place to eat in Dublin?

 Breakfast at BiBi’s Cafe, the turkish eggs are a real game changer, no other brunch can now compare! I’m ruined.


14. Favourite hotel in the world?

I’m hoping Delphi Lodge in Connemara is about to become my fav! I have a weekend trip coming up soon and cannot wait to visit this beautiful place.


15. Favourite thing about design?  

That it can come entirely from within, giving the most incredible feeling when you pull together all the little parts to create a beautiful whole. There is a satisfaction in designing and seeing it become a reality that can’t be topped.

16. Favourite bar in Dublin? 

Fallons is my local and I love nothing better than going with my flatmates for a hot whiskey and several packets of tayto, squished into the front booth. Its authentic and that’s all it needs to be.

17. What’s in your handbag? 

All the important things; hand cream, nail file, mini mirror, tiny useless hairbrush, five million bobbiepins and a front pocket full of receipts that “I’ll file away”. Someday.

18. What’s your favourite movie?

Moonrise Kingdom for the romantic idealist in me…Deadpool for the tear-streaked-face-from-laughing me.

19. What’s your stress reliever? 

Rock climbing with pals after a day of work is the absolute cure for tiredness/stress/ general ennui. At weekends it brings me to my favourite outdoor places were you can just breathe again.


20. What’s on your to-do list for 2017? 

Open Pot Bellied Pig Cafe for our lovely client Lema and then… buy that van! Dreams are for now, and I’d best get on it.