Are you feeling the Monday morning Blues?  Tune in for an inspiration on some warmer teal hues.

Teal is a blue-green colour, a slightly more sophisticated version of turquoise, signifying trustworthiness and reliability. In the psychology of colours, it promotes spiritual advancement and commitment.

The teal colour is rich and unique, becoming more and more popular these days in its steady comeback into our homes.

Due to its nature, it can be easily combined with other colours such as dusty pinks, greys or neutrals.  The layering of different teal hues with sister shades of blue or green is a great way to add more depth to any room.

We love working with DULUX colours due to their wide range of colour choices.

Our favourite Teal DULUX range:


DULUX 30BG08/200, DULUX 90GG21/219 & DULUX 26BG09/247


Teal is a classic colour that works with any style because it can be either strong or muted depending on its use. Teal colour works nicely on a feature wall or joinery, soft decoration such as cushions, upholstery, furniture details or individual furniture pieces.

Spread your teals throughout the house to add a classic touch to your interior. Make it a stand out feature or blend it into space. Either way, this colour will not let you down.

We have used a teal colour on a bespoke staircase and also on the furniture in our Ranelagh residence project. Ranelagh residence  was recently awarded the Residential project of the year award at the Fit Out Awards 2015 ceremony.