Inspiration: Small Spaces

As the housing market improves we find ourselves, once again, in a space battle.

Space is one of the ultimate design predicaments. It’s something we misuse and often underestimate – thinking we need more or less space than we actually do.

Space can be a challenging concept for even the most skilled Architects and Designers. How can we optimise our spaces? How do we balance functionality, as well as architectural beauty when it comes to spacial layouts?

Certain aspects might be beautiful features within a space but they might consequentially hinder the utility of the space for the users. For example a large window stretching the full height of a two story home in an urban area, could be a spectacular feature but a poor use of space for the occupants.

The additional space this window takes up might have been used for another bedroom or for something practical like storage space?

There is no doubt that space poses a serious dilemma for home-owners and Designers alike. And working within a small space requires even more ingenuity and clever thinking.

But the beauty of small spaces is that they demand our creativity. It asks our creative right brain to work with our logical left brain, to create spaces that are aesthetically satisfying and full of clever, functional features.

There are so many clever uses of space that we come across everyday, here are a few of our favourite ways to enhance small space living:

  1. Hidden Storage 


2. Hidden Home Office


3. Sliding Doors


4. Clever Box Rooms


5. Smart Shelving


6. Cloak Room Under The Stairs