The colour silver has a feminine energy. It is related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides. It is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious. It is soothing, calming and purifying. From a colour psychology view point, it signals a time of reflection and a change of direction as it illuminates the way forward. It helps with cleansing and releasing and opens new doors lighting the way to the future. With its reflective and sensitive qualities silver inspires intuition, clairvoyance and mental telepathy. It reflects back any energy given out, whether it is positive or negative. In the meaning of colours, it is associated with prestige and wealth. It is seen as a glamorous, sophisticated colour related to prosperity and modernity. This colour is very versatile, being shiny, modern and hi-tech on one hand and alluring, sparkling and elegant on the other.

It is a colour that works well with most other colours, it illuminates and reflects the surrounding environment. The colour silver has similar energy to grey but it is more light-hearted and optimistic. We would recommend using silver for more industrial style interiors. We have used silver Tolix chairs on many occasions in our commercial and residential projects. Silver light fittings add a sense of luxury to any environment in general. We would recommend placing large mirrors in small interior spaces to create an illusion of a larger room.

There are a variety of metallic paints available on the market such as Hammerite silver paint that can be applied on metal or wooden finishes.