10 Dream Worthy Bedrooms

Bedrooms are your relaxing retreat away from the demands and realities of life.

But are we allowing these spaces to be a zone where we switch off? More and more research is surfacing citing the lack of technology free bedrooms and the need to revert to traditional bedtime rituals.

Sleep specialist argue the undeniable advantages of a move away from technology before bed in order to switch our minds off in preparation for sleep.

Its difficult to detach ourselves from technology. Huge proportions of people admit that last thing at night and first thing in the morning is spent on a device, most commonly a mobile phone.

But the ideal is a tech-free, restful bedroom space. All this got us thinking – could bedroom design help ease us out of our tech trance?

If our bedrooms are serene and calm spaces, will we be more inclined to keep them as such and ditch the facebook feed for a night time novel. Bringing ourselves back to childhood routines and transporting our minds to imaginary worlds before bed.

There’s no doubting that your surroundings impact your mood and your day to day life. And when it comes to bedroom spaces, design and the role it plays in facilitating vital behaviours like sleep is a hugely important consideration.

Could beautifully designed bedrooms positively impact our night time rituals? Could we help ourselves become less reliant on technology through a well designed bedroom space?

Spaces have a feeling, and if that feeling is one of serenity and tranquility, like the spaces here, then perhaps the spaces we create can serve to remind us of the world beyond technology and the beauty of our surroundings.





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