House of Peroni at the RHA

House of Peroni launches at the Royal Hibernian Academy

It was many months ago when KLD Creative Director Róisín Lafferty was approached to design the aesthetic of House of Peroni at the Royal Hibernian Academy. Roisin would be joined with two other leading creatives, Killian Crowley, chef extraordinaire and Kev Freeney Creative Director of Algorithm to complete the whole House of Peroni experience.

Puglia Italy inspiration for House of Peroni
Puglia Arches


In order to influence their design/food all three were sent to Puglia in southern Italy in order to get influence from the sights, sounds, architecture, colour and nature.

Puglia Arch with Beautiful Blue Sky



“Taking inspiration from the architectural forms in Puglia, we wanted to play with the notion of scale, blowing up the elemental shapes and forms to create an immersive and playful landscape to explore and play. Leading you through the archways, the space will encourage you to wander and weave your way throughout the different sensory experiences.”


Beautiful Puglia Arches, Architecture and Cacti


KLD Creative Director, Róisín Lafferty taking inspiration from the sights in Puglia


On her visit:

“Brimming with sophistication and elegance, Puglia’s aesthetic of refined arches, understated whites, and glistening jewel seascapes, frame the chilled and inviting environment there. For the 2019 House of Peroni, I wanted to capture some of Puglia’s charm and character in the design.”


Róisín also visited the RHA in order to see how her vision of Puglia would fit in the reception area and lobby of the RHA.  Have a look at this video to hear more of Róisín’s inspiration behind the design.



Róisín and team KLD then set about with the design. Arches feature very strongly, as do the colours white and blue.

House of Peroni Concept Moodboard


Concept for KLDs House of Peroni


We are thrilled with the end results of the the work, which was undertaken by Neon Agency.


The launch night was held on 21 August, one day before the official opening. Here are some photos of the end result at the RHA. Our official photos will be available shortly.


House of Peroni Arches



House of Peroni at the RHA Reception Area


Of course this is, as always, a team effort and here is team KLD looking very fetching in blue and white at the official launch of House of Peroni Ireland 2019.


Team KLD


Check out this interview with Róisín in Tatler Magazine

Here is article in Lovin’ Dublin where Róisín talks about building up her business as well as her influences for House of Peroni.

Thanks to everyone at Richmond Marketing and Elevate PR who made the whole thing happen. House of Peroni runs until 1 September at the RHA. Not to be missed, you can book your tasting menu tickets here : House of Peroni Dining Experience

House of Peroni and KLD

Róisín Lafferty to design House of Peroni 2019 at Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin this August.

We have been waiting for quite a while to share some amazing news with you. Earlier in the year our KLD Creative Director, Róisín Lafferty, was asked to design the House of Peroni installation which will be feature at the RHA in August 2019.  House of Peroni is returning to Dublin this summer for its fourth instalment, from Thursday, 22nd August, until Sunday, 1st September, 2019. Part of a global House of Peroni series, which includes events in Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Santiago and Johannesburg, this year’s Dublin residency will see the Royal Hibernian Academy on Ely Place, Dublin 2, transformed into a stylish Peroni inspired experience.

KLD Creative Director Róisín Lafferty
KLD Creative Director Róisín Lafferty


Earlier in spring, Peroni Nastro Azzurro took nine creatives, known as the Creative Council, on a trip to Puglia in Italy, including three Irish creatives – KLD’s Roisin Lafferty, multi award winning designer; Killian Crowley, chef de partie at Michelin-starred Aniar restaurant in Galway, and Kev Freeney, creative director of Algorithm, who are widely known for their highly technical and creative productions. They were immersed in the style of Peroni along with the beauty of authentic Italian design, culture, architecture, food and craftsmanship, and will bring this inspiration back to Dublin to create this year’s House of Peroni residency experience.

Stepping out in Puglia
Creative Director Róisín Lafferty stepping out in Puglia


Roisin Lafferty will be tasked with designing the aesthetics of the RHA interior. Following her trip to Puglia, Roisin commented:

‘Brimming with sophistication and elegance, Puglia’s aesthetic of refined arches, understated whites, and glistening jewel seascapes, framed the chilled and inviting environment. I am really excited to capture some of its charm and character in this year’s House of Peroni design’.

In Italy, Roisin stayed in Masseria Ceravolo, a farm house steeped in history and tradition that was lovingly restored and now is an elegant country house. Rosin will combine the style of Peroni with the beauty of Puglia in her creation. To say this is exciting is an understatement, all of us at KLD are looking forward to working with these great talents to create something incredible, and in such an amazing location the RHA.


Beach in Puglia
Beach in Puglia


Puglia Architecture


The following is a short video we made behind the scenes at a promo shoot for House of Peroni at the RHA.


The House of Peroni is open to the public from Thursday, 22nd August, until Sunday, 1st September, 2019, in the Royal Hibernian Academy on Ely Place, Dublin 2. No admission fee and no booking required for general entry. Over 18s only.


House of Peroni Poster
House of Peroni Poster