Tootoomoo Crouch End: Before and After Video

We are a huge fan of our Tootoomoo Crouch End Design and this little before and after video gives you a flavour of what we were working with.


Check out the video here



To see find out more, go to our Tootoomoo Crouch End Project page.



Inspiration: Tile-Lovin Interiors

There is an undeniable trend for tiles in the world of interiors today.

At KLD we are slightly addicted to tiling for their incredible ability to transform a space with pattern and colour.

Cafes, restaurants and hotels are using tiles in clever and creative ways in the design of their spaces and improvement of the overall customer experience.

Here are some gorgeous spaces using tiling in innovative and interesting ways.


We love the use of floor tiles in different shapes and styles to differentiate the kitchen space in an open plan restaurant.


Another interesting way to use tiles is to play around with conventional ideas, we love how here a simple mosaic tile  is contrasted with a tile more usually associated with roofs.


Don’t be afraid to use different materials and shapes in commercial spaces.  The mixture of manila rope and a strong patterned tile create a laid back and fun feeling with the bar as the center piece.


Using a a faded patterned tile in a complementary colour to the concrete walls here is a clever way to soften a stark industrial design.


We love the use of a wooden tile in a herringbone pattern on the walls, again a style more usually associated with flooring,  as an innovative way of adding warmth and variety to the space.


As always we love the use of a prominent block of a geometric pattern to enhance a space!!


For smaller spaces, coloured and reflective tiles can bounce light to create the feeling of space and light.


We love the idea of making use of the tiling in a practical way by writing directly on the wall.


You cannot go wrong with the use subway tiles, a tile that has been around since 1904, which are always a classic for a clean and simplistic look that never goes out of style.


We are in love with the idea of using different sizes and patterns in fun and playful colours to reflect the personality of a given commercial space.


Or changing it up with a beautiful 3D leather tile for adding texture…


We love the idea of the wooden floor tiles being continued on to the walls of this cafe for a clean slate to enhance the focal point of the space of the counter which immediately catches the eye.


And finally sometimes more is more…if you are feeling particularly brave try tiling an entire room, ceiling and all!!

London Restaurant Design Progress – Tootoomoo

Construction in our London restaurant design – Tootoomoo is coming along well. Opening date is the 19th of May so busy weekends ahead for the contractors on site! We have been over and back on site visits quite a bit recently to check on everything and we are delighted with the progress.

Shopfront design being fit on site
London Restaurant Tootoomoo new shop front being fitted on site

A lot of inspiration was  taken from the Singapore shop house style with reference to the panelling and shutter details that they are known for. We especially noted this style with the design of the shop front. Whetstone is a busy area and we wanted to entice people into the restaurant as much as possible with a clean view in from the street.

A lot of the joinery, caging and banquet seating was constructed in our Irish workshop and shipped over in the last week so the whole restaurant space is now taking shape!

Caging and bespoke bar detailing
Main bar and overhead caging being fit on site

As Tootoomoo is an existing restaurant brand, our main design challenge has been to refine the existing branding and overall brand message and create a restaurant design that still reflects their existing style but also brings something new and provides an enjoyable restaurant to their new and growing client base.  Tootoomoo is a lighthearted, colourful and playful brand with a strong emphasis on authentic Pan Asian street food. We took this on board with our colour palette, choice of materials and finishes and overall design style. Authentic ethnicity was a key concept of ours; we wanted to reference Asia and the Pan Asian culture but also take on board the London location. The main thing was to merge the two ideas well. Tootoomoo was first conceptualised and created by Jennings Design Studio, who went on to design the first restaurant in Crouch End.

Mixing patterned and monochrome tiles
Patterned tiles but against angled monochrome tiles at restaurant entrance


Distressed printed panelling
Distressed printed panelling adds colour and texture to the walls.
Patterned tiled walkway
Ribboning tiled walkway lead you from entrance into main dining area
New London restaurant design …

Say helloo to TooTooMoo…
Tootoomoo is one of our latest restaurant design jobs in London. Tootoomoo is a London based super healthy Pan Asian restaurant which is currently expanding their take away’s and restaurants around London. It is an exciting one for us. Tootoomoo was first conceptualised and created by Jennings Design Studio, who went on to design the first restaurant in Crouch End. We are developing the existing identity and interior style to adapt to the new location and brand development. Currently on site, we recently took a short trip to Whetstone, London to have a look and see how progress is getting on. It’s still very early days but changes are happening which is always exciting.

site 2

The site has been stripped out and first fix electrical is underway. We had our big strong men at hand to put the kitchen extraction system up and with deliveries arriving on site everyday things are moving along nicely.

site 1


site 3

Elsewhere off site, we made time to take a road trip to visit the workshop, where our design for the London restaurant design is taking shape! We love to see where all the magic happens and were not disappointed by seeing the busy workshop in action. We were fascinated by everything around us especially the large scale printing onto different materials. We also couldn’t keep our hands off the printed tiles or the louvered doors… We really cannot wait to see these beautiful items arrive on site.

 Steel Caging

Metal caging

 Distressed Wooden Paneling

printed panels

The Cocktail Bar is taking shape!

cocktail bar

Our patterns coming to life on mirror..


Inspiration, new methods of construction and design possibilities ran away with us on the drive home!  Keep your eyes peeled, the trucks are being loaded up to move it all over to London… Next stage installation..