Mint green is a truly beautiful colour associated with summer, ice cream, mint tea, and happiness.

It is a 40% saturated shade of green evoking harmony and a sense of wellbeing. Mint interiors could be considered as sanctuaries providing an escape from a stressful modern style of living.

It is a positive colour with soothing and calming characteristics that reinforces serenity and innocence.

We love working with DULUX colours due to their wide range of colour choices.

Our favourite Mint Green DULUX range:


Dulux 30GG83/075, Dulux 50GG75/092, Dulux 30GG83/088


It is a really good colour to be considered when upcycling an old piece of furniture. We have used it on a couple of occasions where we wanted to refresh an old and tired bathroom vanity unit and give it a new lease of life. We have also designed a new kitchen sideboard that we’ve painted in a distressed style. The distressed sideboard softened the overall quite an industrial kitchen space that it was designed for.

Due to its subtle hues, and quality of tone it works very well in combination with other colours or materials. Consider painting your kitchen units in these hues. Together with metallics like copper or brass and  marble stones. This combination adds a touch of sophistication to any interior space.

Mint colour is mainly associated with interior detailing, furniture or soft furnishings. It is a perfect colour for bedroom walls, bathrooms or office spaces as it’s subtle, soft, calming and refreshing.

Consider using mint as a part of the exterior too. Use Mint green on your front door, it will automatically give your house a soft, sweet and welcoming feel.