Ballsbridge Residence Interior Design – Week 2

It is hard to believe how much interior work has already happened in two weeks. Well done so far to Cill Dara Homes, they sure are getting stuck in!

Not only has all of the extensive demolition work been carried out, but so much of the new structure is underway, windows measured and ordered etc.

It is so exciting to be able to see how the two houses have been knocked together to create one overall house. For those who aren’t great at visualising, I promise this mess is going to look great very soon!

And for those, like us, who get very excited during construction… keep checking back to see the progress!

A lot of propping required to keep the roof in place

Soon to be the bootroom below and master suite above!

A few on site changes… as to be expected!

Bulkheads to frame the kitchen and pantry wall and create tunnel into boot room and kids room… We love our bulkheads!

Soon to be a full height, floor to ceiling fixed glass panel in the kitchen..

Wicklow Residence…almost photoshoot time!

We are busy getting ready for the photoshoot in the Wicklow project now that all the hard work is almost done…just our styling left to do… which is of course the most exciting part!

Check out a sneak peak of the newly finished exterior. Interior pics coming soon….

Front Elevation
Rear Elevation


Delgany Residence – Up to date

We almost burst with excitement today on a site visit when we saw all of the joinery being fitted! So long awaited, the joinery really is the key item in this design. Full height walls of joinery line the double height hallway. Limed oak, push to open doors with birch ply carcasses gently lead you through from the entrance into the kitchen with shadow gaps framing it all nicely… can’t wait to see the finished result!

It was designed over a year ago and now all the results are becoming clear.

Angled pantry storage with flush push to open doors
Pantry joins with finger grip kitchen wall
Full height wall of hall storage
Wicklow Residence … coming along nicely!

Works on site at Wicklow Residence are going well. After my site visit today, I was able to see all of the windows fitted as well as all of the plaster board up. It really helps to give a good impression of the feeling of space in the house. Some slabbing has started too, so nearly ready for the finished and joinery to go in. The oak stairs has been fit in place so ladders to the first floor are no more! Watch this space to see the beautiful tiling and joinery unfold!

A new shed has been built in the garden providing a second sink and some much needed storage
The extension area housing the dining table has a flat roof and contains tall windows to emphasise the stunning surroundings
Oak staircase linking the two levels. Glass panels will be fitted to the stairs so that the original stone wall can be seen from the kitchen


Wicklow Residence – Most recent images

This cottage extension and redesign is coming on well. All of the main construction work is now complete and the underfloor heating and screed have been laid. We have been busy finalising the joinery and finishes specification for the next stage of the project. A key detail of ours was to retain the original stone wall within the new extension as much as possible. Not all of it is in great condition but we wanted to create a feature along the stairs. The stone wall was the original back wall of the property and references the age of the original structure. The new extension will contrast well against the old fabric and offer a strong visual distinction.

The stairs is going to house some much needed storage… invisible within the main space. And my favourite element – fire rated glass is going to be fitted to the stair string to the ceiling so that the client can appreciate the stone wall from the main kitchen and living space.

The combination of old and new materials can have striking effects. The original cottage was brimming with character so it was really important to us to maintain as much of that as possible.

Photos to date: Work in Progress

Laying the pipework for the underfloor heating
Original stone wall that we are retaining
Pouring the screed
Delgany Residence – From the beginning to date

We are busy working on site for a few jobs at the moment… definitely my favourite time, when you start to see your designs become real! One job is a residential project that we designed a couple of years back in Delgany. The original house was really small but luckily was on an end site. The clients have an expanding and growing family so additional space was hugely important and necessary for them. We were asked to work with a footprint extension plan and design the full interior architecture of the house, both old and new. The extension itself is larger than the original house. It is a spacious and modern design with lots of glass to offer stunning country side views from all angles. We incorporated a lot of joinery design throughout the house so storage will not be an issue. High slanted ceilings offer a vast feeling of space. Things have progressed steadily in the last few months and the spaces are starting to become visible. I will be updating as the finishes and materials are added…


Rear of original property
Original garden 
The property was the end in a row which meant that the client could buy the land next to it and use it to house the new improved house
Additional neighbouring land
The original layout was a square. There was a central hallway with relatively small rooms coming off from it