How To: Leaf Art Prints

Sometimes the simplest of things produce the most amazing results. We’ve gone a bit mad for our latest creative craze: leaf art prints.

This little DIY is so easy to do and the results are seriously effective and useful too.

There’s an undeniable trend for jungle prints and rain forest chic taking over interiors at the moment, so why not bring the botanic look to your walls?

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All you need is a plain white sheet of paper, some spray paint, a small branch with some pretty leaves and a wide open area outside.

Once completed you can frame the prints, add them to a gallery wall or even just tape them up with some fun washi tape in nice colours. Instant art!

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A few handy little tips:

  • use a good quality spray and seek out nice colours
  • hold the can a good bit away from the leaves as you spray to avoid it blowing away
  • definitely, definitely do this outside because the fumes can be pretty intense and actually quite dangerous too
  • aim for a soft spray and don’t over do it, a little goes a long way
  • experiment with different styles of leaves
  • dont spray the entire page, leave a proportion white for a more gradual look


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