People often fear using the colour blue in their homes because they worry it will create a cold space. This is a myth that needs to be addressed.

Powder blue is a truly beautiful shade that can bring a fresh, soft and calming quality to a space.

Colour psychology cites blue as a colour associated with feelings of peacefulness, tranquility and security. And interestingly, studies in the field of organizational psychology have also found offices incorporating blue colour schemes to lead to increased levels of productivity.

We love working with DULUX colours due to their wide range of colour choices.

Our favourite Powder Blue DULUX range:


BG99 – Dulux 90BG 72/063, 90BG 63/072, BB40 – Dulux 10BB 57/115

When it comes to interior design in our homes, blue is most definitely a shade that people are unnecessarily cautious of. It’s important to remember that colour and wall colour are not the only contributing factors to the warmth of a room. Soft, luxurious textures, patterns and warm lighting will go a long way to making any room feel snug and inviting.

Powder blue is a simple, fresh and powerful shade that also has buckets of versatility. It marries wonderfully with neutrals, greys and silvers. Recently, with the announcement of Pantone’s colours of the year for 2016, soft blue (Serenity) and pink (Rose Quartz) have been celebrated on a global stage for their surprising complimentary nature.

Powder blue also works beautifully with jeweled lighting and accessories of silver tones, allowing light to bounce and creating a shimmer effect.

With its ability to evoke soothing feelings, naturally this calm colour is particularly suited to bedrooms and bathrooms. However incorporating powder blue into living room furnishings and kitchen features is also a lovely use of this stunning colour.

Powder Blue