Heaven in Seven Wood pop-up shop…

The KLD girls took a team trip to the new Seven Wood pop-up shop in our very own Ranelagh Village.



KLD Girls at Seven Wood pop-up shop


From the moment we laid eyes on the store front, all of us knew we were in for a creative uplift. The pop-up shop was filled with design pleasure from beginning to end. We were enthralled to say the least.. the charming colourful crockery had us at hello, the fanciful design books, had us in wonderment and the furniture has us mesmerized.

Seven Wood pop-up shop entrance


‘The aim is to provide a platform that guides creative expression in the home and celebrates individuality.’

…Music to our ears..!

Each piece of furniture has been carefully considered with design, functionality and individuality in mind. Shop offers a wide range of colourful kitchenware, books, cosmetics and furniture that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.


Seven Wood pop-up shop brochure


Seven Wood pop-up shop interior


Innovative display in Seven Wood pop-up shop


From the moment that you enter the shop, your eyes start to wonder around as in every corner you can spot a hidden treasure that catches your attention. Individual products are greatly displayed and styled in simplistic yet modern way.


Products displayed in Seven Wood pop-up shop


As Seven Wood is a pop up shop it will be leaving our beloved Ranelagh at the end of July 2015. The KLD team strongly advises that every creative individual treats themselves to a visit to the Seven Wood pop up shop while they can.