Spring Table Setting

As the evenings start to brighten and temperatures increase, we’re really feeling the sense of spring in the air and are looking to all the lovely styles for spring table setting.

With this in mind we’ve been looking to all things Spring for our table style.

Whether you’re having a family gathering for Sunday lunch or a tasty brunch for friends, we’ve found lots of gorgeous decorating ideas to share with you.

We’re loving clean, understated decor with subtle pretty details and a contemporary, elegant twist.

Flowers, yes we can take lots of those. And greenery and branches can be assembled to make for spectacular features or centerpieces.

When it comes to the specifics: our faves for spring time table settings are vintage plates, glassware, linen napkins and rustic, wild flower arrangements.

Take a peak at what we’ve been pinning for Spring table settings:

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Designer Crush… Philippe Starck

Here at Kingston Lafferty Design, we like to be inspired by our surroundings and by fellow designers the world over. This spans across all creative fields, from interiors and architecture to fashion design and fine art. Over the next few months we are going to showcase some of those designer influences and pause to appreciate the creativity out there. These will be our Designer Crush pieces.

For our first one, we have chosen the legendary Philippe Starck. A key inspiration throughout all of our college careers, Starcks playfulness and boldness jumps out in all of his work.

Starck is a French designer who is very well known for his versatility. His design talent spans across industrial products, accessories, furniture, lighting, hotel, bar and restaurant design. He has even expanded into architecture. As the son of an aeronautical engineer, his duty from an early age was to invent and create. Starck hoped his creations would improve people’s lives by adding humour and fun to objects of a daily use. His unique sense of humour is inevitable and present in the interiors he designed all over the world. The combination of colours, dramatic lighting, the juxtaposition of objects in the spaces he created is truly inspirational and reflects his personality.

His designs and imagination bring you to another dimension.

We love his holistic approach to design in particular. Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration on our Designer Crush… Philippe Starck.

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Al Fresco dining

As it is only the beginning of August, there is still hope for few warmer days and evenings to sneak in. Here in Kingston Lafferty Design, we are always trying to maximise the time spent in the sun, especially when the sunshine is so limited. We love eating outside, enjoying the sparse sun rays with our friends and family dining Al Fresco.  There is very little needed to make the occasion more special by adding simple touches of creativity by decorating the setting with lighting, flowers, crockery and furniture. Add extra texture and comfort by adding soft furnishings and various cushions to your set. Decorate the table with flowers, this will add pops of colour to your setting. Once the evening settles in, create more intimate atmosphere by adding simple candle lighting to your scene and enjoy your meal. Check out our Al Fresco Dining Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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Concrete Inspiration

One of the easiest ways to achieve an industrial look at home is to use industrial materials, like concrete! Concrete is a versatile material that can enhance both internal and external spaces. It is the perfect addition to any home or space as it offers a variety of purposes. Concrete can be used in multiple ways throughout a space for both functionality and aesthetic reasons. Due to its flexibility, it can be molded into any shape and it may also be textured and colored as desired. From stairs, kitchen counters, bathroom sinks and tubs, to benches, walls, architectural needs and accessories, such as side lamps and door knobs, concrete has its way of finding itself around the space. Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration on how to incorporate concrete into your spaces…

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Calm & Serenity

There are many elements that offer calm & serenity.
First off, have a look at the layout and contents of your house. De-cluttering your space is at the fore front of the journey to making your surroundings a calm and serene environment.
Secondly, we all know that colour plays a huge part in our day to day lives whether that be in an emotional, psycological or physical way. Be aware of how certain colours make you feel and how they affect you. The colours that bring a sense of ease are the colours that you should surround yourself with. You can add blocks of colour and patterns in the smaller details.
Immerse yourself with nature!!! By incorporating natural elements such as [natural] light, wood, pine cones, plants and flower etc into your space, you are allowing a zen feeling flow into your life on a daily basis. Decorate using plants….you are cleaning and re-oxygenating the air within your home.

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Brass Details Interior Inspiration

Brass details are having a huge moment right now and here at KLD we can’t get enough! Brass is the perfect addition to any space, adding interest and impact to your interior design. From flooring trim details to handles, bathroom accessories and staircase details, to frames and decorative pieces, this versatile material works in any space from period properties to stream line contemporary interiors. Our favorite brass details have to be the stunning lights and subtle joinery details! Here is some brass details interior inspiration to get you started on how you can introduce some brass into your interior…

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