Oversized pendants

Oversized pendants can really set the tone of a room.

The primary function of a pendant is to illuminate, but they also serve as a fabulous element to spice up your interiors. Oversized pendants come in a wide range of materials and shapes. They will really make a statement in your living area as they are bold and sophisticated; catching attention as you walk into a room.

Think big! Do not hesitate to have out of proportion lighting features. They will add an elegant and quirky touch, but their minimalist design will fit within any decoration. They come in different sizes and can be put together in clusters to create a unique form.

Why not use the magnificent Vertigo lighting in your living room, like we recently showed in our Ballsbridge Residence. Or maybe, you could be inspired by the stellar Raimond pendant from Moooi that we used in our Ranelagh Residence.

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