In an ideal world office spaces encourage productivity, efficiency, and general employee contentedness. For most of us these are bright airy office spaces with beautiful views, private spaces and comfortable corners (not to mention working aircon).

Obviously we don’t all have the existing architecture (or budgets) to have the dream office straight off the cuff, but that ideal office can be achieved with smaller, more creative touches!


We all respond to colour. Its reactive, it inspires moods, calms souls, brings joy and a touch of adventure! Colour is one of the easiest ways to add creativity to your office space. A painted corner, a coloured glass screen, a dash of red in a grey space to catch the eye, it’s simple but effective.

colour 1

colour 2


There is a heavy cliché behind inspirational and motivational motifs in office spaces. If they are an integral apart of your office (or you feel your employees would benefit) why not add a dash of the creative in how they are applied? Go big and bold with large letters and decals across your spaces, mix up your words, fonts, and colours to catch the readers eye and hopefully bring a smile to their face.

decals 4

decals 2

decals 3


Division of spaces is perhaps the greatest avenue for creativity in your work space. Replace walls with installation-like structures. These can be the jackpot for adding colour, texture, decals all rolled into one project. Use a pod design to bring a softness to an otherwise structured work space, change the angles to break up the linear monotony. Have fun and inspire others in your workspace to follow!

Structure 3

Structure 4

Structure 1


Materials are everything for us here at KLD. We like to mix textures and tones, a lot. Luxurious with hardy, gloss with rough, marble with, well…more marble. Texture applied in small doses can add value to office spaces. Rub off the banal feel of those fiber ceiling tiles with a canopy of timber slats, frame that squeaky whiteboard with a trim of brass, break the endless carpet sea with a corridor of beautiful architectural white grey concrete.

Texture 2

Structure 5

texture 1


Finally, furniture. Practically speaking it has to be durable and ergonomic; we have to outlast the oftentimes grueling work day in it after all. But where possible, mix it up…throw an antique day bed in a casual meeting corner, garnish a corridor with a contrasting freestanding lamp, vary the armchairs in a client waiting area. Freedom in this will distinguish your office spaces and, hopefully, inspire pride in your employees, giving them that extra little something to keep them coming back, happy to face another day!

furniture 3

furniture 1