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My name is Lucy Gillmor Murphy and I am the milliner behind LGM Hats.

My education lies in both fine art and fashion as I studied fine art for 4 years in IADT and at the same time I completed a night course in fashion at Dublin’s Grafton Academy. In my Final Year Exhibition I was lucky enough to sell my design work, and the summer after graduation I had my paintings accepted into a commercial gallery in Dublin. Although I was off to a great start with these accomplishments I still felt I had not yet found my passion. 

With this search in mind I decided to go back to the Grafton Academy to study Millinery. Here I was tutored by Ms. Aileen Keogan who turned out to be a wonderful mentor with a wealth of knowledge on the traditional methods necessary in the craft of millinery.


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In 2010 I created a small collection of winter hats that were stocked in a handful of boutiques in Ireland, since then my business has grown and LGM Hats has taken on a life of its own! I now have some of the most fantastic stockists in Ireland, England and the US.


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I am very lucky to have such wonderful stockists and to be able to create collections to show to boutiques each season. However, the real fun lies in making one of a kind creation for private clients that come to see me in my Enniskerry based studio. I have made everything from a towering flower filled hat for Ascot to a wonderfully classy lace and pearl encrusted cloche for church on Christmas morning; it is over past few years however that I have become rather a specialist in creating hats for mothers of the brides.


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Although every mother of the bride, and mother of the groom for that matter, is different there are a few important factors that I would always take into consideration when making a hat for such an occasion. A mother of the bride will be photographed a lot on the day so it is important that the hat does not cover too much of the face or cast a large shadow.

Before even looking at their outfit I would have them try on a few different shapes to get a feel for what suits them and how comfortable they feel in a hat. I don’t have any rules about what hats tend to suit what face shapes, I think it is a case of try everything on and you will know the one that suits you best.

After choosing the general shape I then begin to discuss how we can make this the perfect hat for that particular client. Some women have a very clear idea of what they want, so we would discuss colours, fabrics and embellishments; then I can go ahead with making their idea a reality. Others, once I show them the general idea of what I am thinking, are happy to let me create them something from my imagination.


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Lucy’s Top Tip: I would always recommend having a hat that goes with the whole outfit rather than one that matches it perfectly. For example if you have a powder pink dress and shoes I would recommend a cream or gold hat, perhaps with only a hint of pink, this makes for a much more styled look. Many women are happy in the knowledge that they know their own style but a hat is not an everyday accessory so I am delighted when I get the chance to help create the perfect hat to finish off a look for a special occasion.


Lucy Gillmor Murphy

LGM Hats


Check out Lucy’s beautiful designs on her website:

Below: Some LGM designs on the catwalk

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Luxury Office Design

Many things have been changing over the past few months at KLD and many projects have been going on behind the scenes. One in particular is a large, luxury office design that is currently being developed. High end design is something we feel very passionate about. It transfers across residential and commercial interiors with a key emphasis on quality, detailing and overall experience.

Inspiration board for luxury office design
Inspiration board for luxury office design

Fusing a concept of sophisticated industrialism with luxury and raw materials, our luxury office design encompasses luxury, style and industrialism…. with playful and exciting elements throughout.

The office accommodates full time staff, visiting international staff and also important clients and guests, so the environment needs to appeal to all of these. Spatially the environment should create positive and unexpected experiences for all who enter, offering a sense of open plan, whilst also providing privacy.


Line drawing of reception and meeting room corridor
Line drawing of reception and meeting room corridor
Line drawing of reception and waiting area
Line drawing of reception and waiting area
Line drawing of breakout and main office space
Line drawing of breakout and main office space
Open plan office space
Open plan office space

Private meeting space

Selection of materials and luxurious textures
Selection of materials and luxurious textures

The fusion of Irish made materials, with timeless stone and leather creates a balances and timeless interior. More progress to come…