The Neutrals

If you were under the impression that a neutral colour palette is dull and boring, you were wrong!

Soft hues such as cloudy greys, smoky greens and muted beiges can create a calming atmosphere.

Layering different textures and materials is the best way to add depth to your space. Whether you are decorating your living room, bedroom or your kitchen, layering works. Pair with hints of monochromes to add drama.

Use natural materials as another way to add neutrals to your space. Materials such as wicker, straws, sheepskin or rustic timber never date and can add an extra dimension to your room.

We love working with DULUX colours due to their wide range of colour choices.

Our favourite Neutral DULUX range:


neutral palette
DULUX Mid Shadow, DULUX Subtle Dusk, DULUX Subtle Jute


Scandinavian design is known for being simplistic yet sophisticated and we love it. Neutral colour scheme and materials are very characteristic for this particular style. Ferm Living is a Danish company that draws on Scandinavian traditions with a retro twist and a contemporary feel. We use their products a lot within our projects due to their simplicity and sophistication.

Every space needs a focal point when working with neutrals. Chose either a key piece of furniture, fireplace wall or a log storage display to grab your attention and to prevent the space from looking bland and boring.

Clever lighting is important and should not be neglected. Task, accent and ambient lighting can help to elevate your neutral scheme to another level. Do not underestimate how much lighting can create an atmosphere.