Navy Blue is a deep dark shade of the colour blue. First association with this colour that might spring to your mind is the association with the nautical theme. Originally navy blue was called marine blue, but it was soon changed to navy instead due to its popularity within different Navies around the world. The colour navy comes in a lot of variations and tones. From bright to purple, indigo, Persian indigo and so on and so forth. Navy conveys authority, intelligence, confidence but also elegance and sophistication.


Our favourite Navy DULUX range:

Dulux Venetian Crystal 1 (10BB07/150), Royal Regatta 1 (30BB08/188), Saphire Springs 1 (50BB08/171)



Variations of the colour navy can be used for different purposes. When used in combination with natural stones, such as marble, it creates a subtle background and therefore underlines the beauty of the stone. It oozes sophistication and elegance. Navy is becoming a popular colour for bathroom, bedrooms and living room walls. It can be used as a main colour for your feature wall specifically when used in combination with contrasting colours such as cool greys. If you have any built in furniture or single items you wish to update, go for brighter shades of navy to compliment the primary colour used in the room. If you are looking to bring navy into your interiors through soft furnishings, such as an upholstered couch, steer towards the darker shades similar to Dulux Venetian Crystal 1,  Dulux Royal Regatta 1 or Dulux Saphire Springs 1.