Mullan Lighting: Tripping the Light Fantastic

KLD Directors Róísín Lafferty and Becky Russell recently headed to Mullan village in Co. Monaghan to visit world class lighting designers Mullan Lighting at their factory to help them celebrate ten years in business. Becky kept a diary of the day so welcome to A Day in the Life of Becky Russell, KLD Associate Director.

A couple of weeks back, on a beautiful sunny morning in Mullan Lighting in a remote village near the border in Co. Monaghan. We are there to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the lighting company which has gone from strength to strength with their lights gracing ceilings and walls across the world.

Beautiful Mullan Lighting at the Vaults Parlour


To celebrate the ten years in business and KLD were invited to the factory along with a host of other designers and journalists to find out more about the fascinating story of Mullan Lighting. Also in attendance was Monaghan TD and Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation Heather Humphreys.


Dublin 4 Hallway and Stairs
Beautiful Mullan Chandelier at our Donnybrook Residence project


We were greeted by the very warm and welcoming team including Mike and Edel Treanor and led into the old Mill building. Mike Treanor set up the business in an abandoned mill in 2009 and now ten years later, Mullan Lighting is the biggest employer in the village, employing 65 people, many of whom live in restored mill houses.

After warm words on the company and a brief history lesson on the work they have done over the last 10 years it was time for a tour of Mullan Lighting.

We follow the journey of a new light from Mullan receiving the order through the bespoke design department and then through the different logistical and manufacturing departments and finally through packing and labelling! At each stage a member of the Mullan team talked us through the process, the craft and the careful planning and consideration that makes the process seamless end efficient.

After this it was time to put us to work!! We carefully designed and selected the components of our very own pendant and started the process of assembling it under the instructive and watchful eye of one of the Mullan team.

Mullan Lighting Pack
Lighting Pack and Instructions


We were taken through each step of assembly, wiring, teasing the finished product, packing and labelling it so it was ready for us to take home and install in our own homes.


The beginning of the process


Mullan Lighting socket
Thank goodness for instructions


Mullan Lighting Becky Russell
This is going to be fun


Mullan Lighitng assembly
Even this looks pretty


Mullan Lighting Wiring
This looks ok.. for a beginner


While I mastered the wiring I do not yet have the speed of finesse that the Mullan team have when assembling all the little parts but we got there in the end and the finished product is a beautiful industrial pendant in powder coated mint with twisted burgundy cord and brass fittings!!

Becky Russell and Mullan Lighting
This has gone better than expected


Mullan Lighting Testing
Testing 1,2,3…


Mullan Lighting Packaged
All done


Mullan Lighting Box
Boxed and ready to ship

What a fantastic day, and such a nice touch to assemble our very own Mullan Light.

An incredible success story, Mullan Lighting has gone from strength to strength and will double in size with the estimated creation of 30 jobs over the next two years.

Mullan Lighting has been a firm favourite of KLD’s throughout the years and has featured in many of our projects. We wish them good luck with their next ten years and beyond.


Ideal Home – Week 2 and we’re flying!

Our windows arrived and have all been fitted without mishap, painting is on its second coat, the floors are down and tiling is well on its way. Good things are happening and spirits are high!



Our main man Alan Conlon (Floor Design Ltd.) has been working miracles with the flooring in the Showhouse, creating lovely seamless lines and getting our request for diagonally laid planks just right. With a mix of different flooring and different layout designs, these clean lines are a key feature in the overall design.




We’re already in love with our deliveries from Mullan Lighting and Bluebellgray, let the flowing in of beautiful stock continue! As you may have noticed from previous posts we have a major love affair with lighting and we cannot wait for all the beautiful lights to go up in the coming days! It’s almost time for fitting out of the showhouse to commence and then on to styling. But one thing at a time though, and one of those will be our custom built kitchen, being fit this minute by the very accommodating Enigma Design.




Our ‘Paint it Pink’ corner is looking lovely and vibrant, especially contrasted with our monochrome kitchen.

Elsewhere in the house our lovely electrician Paul is already cursing us for the amount of bespoke lighting; we’re sorry Paul! But the end result is not to be missed, beautiful pieces to perfectly light our design-filled spaces!



More progress to come over the next few days, this stage of the build really is very exciting it’s amazing to see everything coming together so quickly, so a huge thank you to absolutely everybody involved…

KLD and DFS for the Ideal Homes Exhibition

Collaboration between DFS and KLD for the Autumn Ideal Homes Exhibition

I am super excited to say that we are currently collaborating with the fantastic DFS on this Autumn’s Ideal Homes Exhibition.

As very much a KLD team effort, we won the pitch to design the DFS Showhouse and the DFS 140m exhibition stand.

I am really excited to get my hands on the house and hopefully provide some inspiration and excitement at the show!

We will be taking on the Interior Architecture of the house and the Interior Design. Taking inspiration from the stunning new DFS look-book, we will be showcasing how the DFS furniture can be used in creative and fun ways, complimenting your own personal taste.

DFS French Connection Zinc Sofa
DFS French Connection Zinc Sofa


The aim for us is to create an exciting showhouse that has maximum impact for visitors, references some key trends and fresh ideas and overall gives visitors a fun and positive experience. So far it is proving to be very exciting.

We have gotten to know DFS a lot more recently and I have to say their products and style is impressive.

DFS French Connection Flint sofa
DFS French Connection Flint sofa


With existing collaborations with French Connection and The Sofa Workshop, they offer a wide range of styles and furniture that suits a vast array of styles. I am particularly in love with the Zinc French Connection cuddler… the perfect size for curling up!

DFS French Connection Zinc Cuddler
DFS French Connection Zinc Cuddler


It was their recent look-book that wowed me. With their fully styled sets and images, I saw the scope and versatility of what they can provide.

We are hoping to use their furniture pieces in an exciting unusual way, combining unexpected pieces with clever interior architecture and interior design to create an overall original and eclectic feel in both the house and the stand.

KLD Moodboard 1 for DFS
KLD Moodboard 1 for DFS
KLD Moodboard 2 for DFS
KLD Moodboard 2 for DFS


We are looking to team up further with some of our favourite interior suppliers and I am delighted to say that Mullan lighting are also on board to provide some stunning lighting features within the stand. Combining some of their well known statement pieces with some bespoke pieces that we are designing, the lighting is definitely going to pack a punch!

Lighting is definitely one of the most important interior elements for me. Not only can it completely transform atmospheres, it can add height and scale to a space. Mullan are well known for their industrial style pieces which will tie in really well with the other detailing.

Three of my favourite lights of the moment from Mullan are below.

Mullan Lighting - Geneva Industrial Brass Pendant
Mullan Lighting – Geneva Industrial Brass Pendant
Mullan Lighting - Bogata Quirky wall light
Mullan Lighting – Bogata Quirky wall light
Mullan Lighting - Cairo Chandelier
Mullan Lighting – Cairo Chandelier

Please click the links for more information; Ideal Homes Show, DFS, French Connection, Mullan Lighting

I will be updating the blog as the job progresses so check out all of the behind the scenes…

Roisin x