A Day in the Life: Fiona Stone, Designer

Today is the day we ‘hand back the keys’ so to speak on one of our most special projects of 2018. A beautiful renovation on a charming house in Dublin 4. This has been a huge project which started on site in April this year after months of planning and designing.

This is my first complete project since joining KLD last November, and what a journey and joy it has been to help oversee the renovation and rejuvenation of this stunning three-storey house.

At KLD we like to create something totally unique and personal for our clients. We collaborate with all our clients throughout the design process, particularly on residential, to create that extra personal touch.

Our client for this project is well travelled and carried a passion for bold colours and prints inspired by the vast amount of countries visited. This is reflected throughout the house. It is always exciting to work with such a spirited client who trusts us to push boundaries and create something beautifully unique, which is what I believe design to be all about.

The design is exquisitely curated with many customised pieces including carefully designed joinery, floors, furniture and a richly toned colour palette. My favourite must be the dreamy, luxurious master ensuite with pigmented plaster walls accompanied by a customised concrete vanity, hand painted tiles and of course a giant chandelier floating above the free-standing bath, encapsulating the beauty of a Moroccan haven. The attention to detail is second to none. Nothing is as exciting as seeing the entire project coming together especially when different pieces of carefully sourced furniture arrive or a custom marble floor is pieced together.

Bathroom of Dreams

This particular afternoon it was all hands-on deck for final styling, hanging, sweeping, mopping, and polishing, preparing the house for the owner to move in. We all chip in on the glamourous and not so glamorous jobs. One of the last things we do as designers on a project is walk around the space, pen and paper in hand, and look at everything with the most critical eye. This is one of the most important aspects of the job. The dreaded (for some) but essential snag list.

It is a hallmark of KLD that when we hand over any project to the client it has been through the most stringent quality control. Sometimes this can be a painful process, but it is vitally important that the product is delivered as promised and at KLD we do not compromise on anything.

With just 24 hours to go this hyperlapse video gives you an idea of what was going on in the last push to get everything ready.


Like many jobs a great deal of design and subsequent project management is problem solving. There will always be issues, and it is about how to deal with them, how to solve them and how to keep something moving forward. If something can go wrong, it usually will. Also, things you never thought about will crop up. It is so important to deal with problems quickly and effectively. It’s important to not let stress ever get in the way. Most problems can be solved with a bit of thought, ingenuity, creativity and imagination. So today is particularly sweet considering the amount of time,  effort, hours and creative thinking that have gone into the project.

Having just completed the interior we are now creating an exterior on par with the interior. Full of character it will be an extension of the interior. A secret, wild garden with as many surprising, hidden gems in each corner as one will find in the interior.

What is most important is for the client to have trust in the designer. Sometimes we as designers can see the visual, but it may be hard for a client to visualise. Luckily, with this project we had the privilege of working with a client who is as bold and open minded as we are at KLD. There is nothing more satisfying than the client loving the project as much as you do. It is incredibly rewarding helping people to create their dream home! Your home is the most important place in the world.

Yes, my work here is done…


Fiona Stone joined KLD last November having spent the last 7 years on the road with Lord of the Dance. Bursting with creativity and energy, we are so delighted Fiona has decided to return to design with us as at KLD. And we are also delighted Fiona still dances from time to time.