Clean and Simple

It’s our first blog post of 2019 and what better way to start the year than to lend some advice for those thinking of renovating or redecorating this new year.

At KLD, we are known for our bold use of colour and playful colour combinations. However, we have also learned that the simpler an interior looks, the more detailed and considered it often turns out to be. There is something exquisitely beautiful about one simple palette of materials and colour.

Fulham Residence


Key things to consider when opting for a more minimal home:

Line it up

When the focus is on clean and sharp lines, everything needs to do just that – line up perfectly. When there are less things to focus on, your eye will pick up on any deviation from perfection… no pressure!

Penthouse Bathroom


Think seamless

When using two different floor finishes, make sure the floor is leveled to account for the difference in thickness (for example timber meeting marble or tile) This will ensure you get one consistent level. Use recessed square edged fine line trims to sit between the materials instead. Result is a clean and sharp end result. Alternatively a clean silicone joint matching your grout colour allows more flexibility and expansion when it comes to timber.

Dublin City Centre Offices



Consider the tactility and variation in texture to add depth and interest and prevent the space looking flat and feeling cold. Natural materials work very well here and offer a timeless solution to this. Monochromatic base colours on joinery and fixed finishes also add contrast and depth without shouting in colour!

Fulham Residence


Scale and shape

We see furniture and light fittings as architectural forms in any room. This becomes even more dramatic in more muted toned spaces. Sometimes keeping everything within a space a similar tone allows you to be more experimental and playful with shapes and forms. Think about oversizing pendant lighting over the dining area and sleek and elegant long armed wall lights to lead your way around the space.

Fulham Residence

Frame that view

Maximise window opens and natural light where possible to allow the outside environment to add further colour and texture to your home. Mirrors are a brilliant way of extenuating the impact of natural light and overgrown gardens by reflecting the outdoors in.

Delgany Home


Hues + Tones

The more muted and safer tones can be the hardest to get right. There are endless off whites, greys, dusty pinks and greens. Most of them have undertones of different colours that are only visible when painted on the wall. Often brilliant white and plain black can be the most impactful to make an architectural statement. More than bolder colours, we recommend painting large scale samples and looking at them in both artificial and natural light before making any expensive decisions.

Delgany Hallway


Before you make any big decisions for yourself about your style and the home you want to create, think about the spaces you like to spend time in. Ask yourself how they make you feel and where are the settings you naturally gravitate towards, whether that’s a park, gallery or busy cafe spot. Whether you are aware or not, we all frequent the same places for a reason; usually for how they make us feel.

St Stephen’s Green Penthouse


Your home is the one place that you can control how it makes you feel, so whether that is bold, bright colours with velvet on every wall or paired back beach house…. it is up to you. And remember, there is no right and wrong.

Wishing you all a happy and fruitful 2019.

This post is an edited version of a Sunday Business Post article by Róisin Lafferty first published on 9 November 2018.