Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Detailed drawings of various elements of the design.

| Fossil wall

| Stairs

| Illuminated toilet pod

Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Sections and elevations for the Millhouse music studio|
The building is from the Victorian era and has been recently redeveloped over the last few years to add an interesting juxtaposition on both wings. The glass wing works well with the fossil/ lung sculptural piece.

| Elevation and section cc

| Section dd

| Section aa and bb

Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Plans of the Millhouse music studio with different floor heights highlighted in key on the right. The plans reflect the overall concept of an organic, flowing and living space.

| Ground Floor Plan

| First Floor Plan

Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Presentation boards of |
Lighting plans
Photo models
Cad drawings

Design Thesis | Millhouse Music Studio

Visuals from the music studio| A project based on the concept of an interactive, living space made using tactile, mould-able materials to create an unusual, sensory imaginary perspective view of the creative song-writing space – the space is designed in an undulating, organic way to inspire creativity and inspiration for songwriters and musicians recording in the studio. The shapes and nooks were designed to tantalise and bring out the inner child in the user. This entices them into climbing and lying on the elements in the space- getting a perspective view of reception area. This area has to make an impression on the user as it is one of the first spaces in the studio. 

Perspective view 1 of song writing space.

Again taking an organic approach, the bespoke Corian desk seemingly grows from the floor as do the seating elements. The ceiling is inspired by the idea of sweating as its in the form of a drip. The structures within the studio are all white initially and it is the sensory led lighting that dictates the changeable colour.

Perspective view 2 of song writing space.

Here is an alternate view of the song-writing space with different
versions of lighting.

Perspective views of the chill area.

This space is the most dramatic due to its exposure from the exterior. It is also the most conceptual space inspired by lungs and breathing. The space is dominated by the ‘fossil wall’, a thermoformed fibreglass sculptural element. The surfaces within this space are high gloss Corian and resin. It is also dramatised with a lot of versatile flood lights.