Create a decorative yet functional glass cabinet space….

Glass cabinets in the kitchen can be a difficult one when it comes to deciding what to put in them. As everything is so visible glass cabinets can sometimes become a space with no function as we tend to fill them with pretty decorative items that are rarely used.

A creative and decorative way to use these glass cabinets while adding a little french nostalgia to your kitchen is to store your dry goods like cereals and pastas in vintage glass storage jars. These storage jars can feature decorative script lettering embossed into the glass along with a pretty metal clip lid for added decoration.


A beautiful display from our own KLD Ranelagh Residence.
A beautiful display from our own KLD Ranelagh Residence.


Using glass jars for storage is a quick and easy way to create a beautiful yet functional glass cabinet interior.


  1. Fill the jars with different coloured candy or snacks for extra creative and fun look.
  2. Select a jar with little decorative details e.g: the vintage Le Parfait glass storage jar which has decorative script lettering embossed into the glass with metal clip lid, the little extra detail is visually appealing.
  3. Add different colour spices, lentils and different shapes of pasta to each jar to create an interesting and exciting display.


  1. IKEA do a great range of storage jars for display in an array of different sizes – one that we think works well is the KORKEN jar.
  2. KILNER do a fantastic range of glass storage jars with the metal clip lids – these are available from most woodiesDIY stores.
Green Interiors

We’re feeling a little patriotic and for the week that’s in it we’ve been drawing inspiration from all things green.

It’s inspiring how green can be incorporated into interiors schemes in so many beautiful ways. Yes this truly one versatile colour.

Colour psychologists have explained that one of the main reasons green functions so well in interiors schemes is due to it’s closeness to nature.

Yes, the natural, earthy symbolism of the colour green is particularly pleasing to the eye, as well as the brain.

Several studies have found the incorporation of greenery and flowers to enhance mood and well-being in patients with serious illness, with some even finding evidence to suggest this positive mindset assists in patients recovery.

With this in mind, we’ve explored the many ways in which green can be a key feature of a design scheme.

The design world has seen a few key green trends lately, such as green marble, the green wall and jungle chic.

Marble is a beautiful material that makes for stunning features in it’s elegant simplicity in interiors. A tour through Paris design fair Maison et Objet early this year revealed countless well known design brands featuring green marble.

The green wall is becoming something of an office phenomenon. It seems research linking greenery and productivity in the work place has really sunk in, as companies everywhere compete to create feature greenery walls.

From the humble beginnings of the small office fig leaf to the full green wall, large corporations are featuring greenery as large and as often as they can to keep employees motivated and create a fresh, natural look in corporate environments.

Rainforest murals, palm tree prints and vibrant floral accessories are making a serious impression in home ware Spring/Summer 2016 and with such a fun, energetic look its understandable why this look is proving so popular.

We’ve been gathering together some great looks across these trends and pulled together a Pinterest board bound to make you green with envy…

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