How to… Wall Candy

Make your walls pop…

Walls are the foundation of a room and their potential is generally overlooked.

Hold off on grabbing a fan deck to choose a paint colour and embrace your walls as your canvases with creative alternatives.

There is so much versatility with walls. Through progressive approaches, walls can bring in a wondrous wow factor to any room.

DFS Showhouse

Escape into your ideal atmosphere with graphic murals. We utilized this technique in our DFS Ideal Home Showhouse kid’s room using cloud imagery to elicit both a fun and an ethereal ambiance.

This dreamy look attracted a great deal of attention and really inspired people at the popular Dublin event last Autumn.

It’s particularly nice to incorporate these murals into a child’s bedroom, as there is no limit to how playful and fun they can be.

With high quality creative design, screen printing, and digital printing there is nothing standing in your way of making your walls tastefully phenomenal!

DFS Showhouse

We also used 3D panels in the DFS Ideal Home Showhouse, which truly transforms rooms into extraordinary spaces. Texture and pattern spectacularly invigorates environments through impressive structuring.

These routes of wall decor are inventive and accommodating: they have invigorated the practice and allure of wall art with the potential for the manifestation of truly original wall art ideas.

Subtle, yet bold, striking, and progressive- wall candy as such will make any room appear out of the box in the best possible way.


1. Go all out and cover all four walls with patterns or just choose one wall to add a trendy touch

2. Showcase your originality with bespoke graphic murals

3. Continuously bring visions to life and foster creativity by using blackboard paint and chalk


1. 3D Panels are a Dublin-based company offering an incredible selection of 3D wall paneling; from trendy geometrics to elaborate patterns, your walls can be completely transformed with these tactile structures.

2. Wall Art are an award-winning wallpaper and wall mural company with a collection encompassing everything from incredible urban skylines to intricate floral designs.

3. Flavor Paper has an amazing selection of geometric, floral, and personal bespoke wallpaper; this funky company offers digital murals and a variety of materials to choose from to make any wall pop.


We’re completely loving the soft grey tones combined with tranquil pinks in the image above. The dynamic wall paneling seen on Haute Living is a great example of a unique,  modern approach to wall paneling and creates the perfect backdrop for clean, contemporary furnishings.



We also really love this watercolour splash design from The Creative Blog. The gorgeous inky blue shade brings colour, movement and interest to the overall design.

So be a little daring! Walls are usually a blank canvas screaming out for some love and attention.

By doing something out of the ordinary to your walls, you’re allowing yourself the perfect backdrop to create something a little spectacular.

Wool Wall Hanging

Wool is such a beautiful, tactile material and although we traditionally see it forming chunky knit blankets and cosy cushions, there’s a new wool trend taking the interiors world by storm –  wool wall hangings.

This latest form of wall candy is one we’re definitely crushing on at KLD – we think it’s the perfect way to add texture, colour and style to bare walls.

So if you’re looking for something completely unique and stylish to bring your walls bang up to date, this could be just the thing you’re after!

For a one stop shop for all types of wall hangings check out the gorgeous works of Irish Wall Hanging Extraordinare: Weaverella. Or why not try a little DIY version of your own?

Our Pinterest board is also brimming with beautiful wall hanging inspo and tutorials. Here’s a peak…

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