Fulham Development: Before and After Video

Check out this before and after video for our Fulham development completed in 2019. KLD were commissioned to undertake the interior design and architecture of this Fulham Development is a  located in the centre of Fulham, London.




To see more images from the project visit the Fulham Residence  and Fulham Duplex project pages.



House of Peroni at the RHA

House of Peroni launches at the Royal Hibernian Academy

It was many months ago when KLD Creative Director Róisín Lafferty was approached to design the aesthetic of House of Peroni at the Royal Hibernian Academy. Roisin would be joined with two other leading creatives, Killian Crowley, chef extraordinaire and Kev Freeney Creative Director of Algorithm to complete the whole House of Peroni experience.

Puglia Italy inspiration for House of Peroni
Puglia Arches


In order to influence their design/food all three were sent to Puglia in southern Italy in order to get influence from the sights, sounds, architecture, colour and nature.

Puglia Arch with Beautiful Blue Sky



“Taking inspiration from the architectural forms in Puglia, we wanted to play with the notion of scale, blowing up the elemental shapes and forms to create an immersive and playful landscape to explore and play. Leading you through the archways, the space will encourage you to wander and weave your way throughout the different sensory experiences.”


Beautiful Puglia Arches, Architecture and Cacti


KLD Creative Director, Róisín Lafferty taking inspiration from the sights in Puglia


On her visit:

“Brimming with sophistication and elegance, Puglia’s aesthetic of refined arches, understated whites, and glistening jewel seascapes, frame the chilled and inviting environment there. For the 2019 House of Peroni, I wanted to capture some of Puglia’s charm and character in the design.”


Róisín also visited the RHA in order to see how her vision of Puglia would fit in the reception area and lobby of the RHA.  Have a look at this video to hear more of Róisín’s inspiration behind the design.



Róisín and team KLD then set about with the design. Arches feature very strongly, as do the colours white and blue.

House of Peroni Concept Moodboard


Concept for KLDs House of Peroni


We are thrilled with the end results of the the work, which was undertaken by Neon Agency.


The launch night was held on 21 August, one day before the official opening. Here are some photos of the end result at the RHA. Our official photos will be available shortly.


House of Peroni Arches



House of Peroni at the RHA Reception Area


Of course this is, as always, a team effort and here is team KLD looking very fetching in blue and white at the official launch of House of Peroni Ireland 2019.


Team KLD


Check out this interview with Róisín in Tatler Magazine

Here is article in Lovin’ Dublin where Róisín talks about building up her business as well as her influences for House of Peroni.

Thanks to everyone at Richmond Marketing and Elevate PR who made the whole thing happen. House of Peroni runs until 1 September at the RHA. Not to be missed, you can book your tasting menu tickets here : House of Peroni Dining Experience

Before and After Video: Dublin City Centre Office


Check out the before and after video of our Dublin City Centre office design completed in 2016.






For further information visit our Dublin City Centre Office Project Page

Bolton Coach House: Before and After Video

Our beautiful Bolton Coach House has charmed interiors lovers across the world.


Take a look at the before and after video below.



Bolton Coach House has appeared in:


Check out the Bolton Coach House project page for project information and photographs.

Green Interiors

We’re feeling a little patriotic and for the week that’s in it we’ve been drawing inspiration from all things green.

It’s inspiring how green can be incorporated into interiors schemes in so many beautiful ways. Yes this truly one versatile colour.

Colour psychologists have explained that one of the main reasons green functions so well in interiors schemes is due to it’s closeness to nature.

Yes, the natural, earthy symbolism of the colour green is particularly pleasing to the eye, as well as the brain.

Several studies have found the incorporation of greenery and flowers to enhance mood and well-being in patients with serious illness, with some even finding evidence to suggest this positive mindset assists in patients recovery.

With this in mind, we’ve explored the many ways in which green can be a key feature of a design scheme.

The design world has seen a few key green trends lately, such as green marble, the green wall and jungle chic.

Marble is a beautiful material that makes for stunning features in it’s elegant simplicity in interiors. A tour through Paris design fair Maison et Objet early this year revealed countless well known design brands featuring green marble.

The green wall is becoming something of an office phenomenon. It seems research linking greenery and productivity in the work place has really sunk in, as companies everywhere compete to create feature greenery walls.

From the humble beginnings of the small office fig leaf to the full green wall, large corporations are featuring greenery as large and as often as they can to keep employees motivated and create a fresh, natural look in corporate environments.

Rainforest murals, palm tree prints and vibrant floral accessories are making a serious impression in home ware Spring/Summer 2016 and with such a fun, energetic look its understandable why this look is proving so popular.

We’ve been gathering together some great looks across these trends and pulled together a Pinterest board bound to make you green with envy…

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Gallery Walls

There are few better ways to add character and personality to your home than displaying personal treasures, trinkets and art on a gallery wall.

Gallery walls allow you to show off an eclectic mix of your favorite items with no major rules about what can and can’t be included.

It’s always a nice idea to try to source pieces that are indicative of you and your personality. Tell a story on your wall; your story. Items of personal significance or with a sentimental value are a particularly good bet for a gallery wall.

Aside from the usual prints, art, canvas, photos consider items like decorative plates, unusual mirrors, taxidermy, wall hangings, sculptural pieces, hats, jewellery, garlands or embroidery hoops.

One new trend in the gallery wall movement is the use of corner spaces, where two walls are used instead of just one and this can also be really effective and dynamic in drawing the eye around the space.

The fear most people have about creating a gallery wall is that they will get it wrong. While proportion and balance are super important, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to gallery walls.

There is tonnes of inspiration and ideas on how you can approach a gallery wall, and its really just a case of building a collection of items you love and taking the plunge from there.

That said, your gallery doesn’t have to be haphazard or a non-logical process. One great way to test out your gallery wall, is to lay all of your items out on the floor and play around with the layout. Once you’ve reached a layout you’re happy with, you can just transfer them items to a wall of your choice.

Check out some of our favourite gallery wall inspiration on our Pinterest board:

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