Peter Demek – DEMOWORKS

My name is Peter Demek, I was born in Slovakia, currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic.

Since my youth, I was always interested in metal works & metal processing. The early stages of my career were linked more so to the locksmith craft. From there, I discovered an interest in contemporary structures linked to Architecture. I have been observing and studying metal construction details present in Contemporary Architecture and became more and more interested in this field.

The fuel and the inspiration for each project begin in the understanding of the individual material that I work with. It is the understanding of the basic material characteristics and properties that are important as they  lead  me to the development of the application method for each material. Other sources of inspiration can be found in Industrial Archeology, Factory Interiors & Lighting, Industrial machines & Architecture.

DEMOWORKS is a manufacturing platform that I have formed and established which is based on a custom-made development of steel elements for the architecture, interior design and metal processing.

The objective is to design and produce a steel product or detail which is unique in its complexity of functionality and aesthetics. Each object requires an individual solution of certain kind – the selection of suitable material, proposal of proper detail or surface finishing; it is all important and at the end eventuates in a real product. The denomination „product“ is something which I consider essential. It represents the whole process of creation and construction of an artefact which is no more just a steel semi-finished article but via inherent details specific for the author it becomes an integrated piece of work. Area of manufacturing provides me a technology and enables me to gain a broader perspective but also sets certain production limits which don’t need to be overcome. All these are the reasons why I prefer to cooperate with it and why I often use its rules and principles in the creation of my „products“.


This project has gradually developed over the time. It started with a refurbishment of an old chapel in Olomouc, Czech Republic.
I was asked to collaborate with an Architectural studio M2AI to create a chandelier, a tabernacle, and a suspended light fitting to symbolise an eternal light.
The concept of this project was very simple, to design the base of the chandelier that consisted of a circular form. I have designed all individual elements of the chandelier structure, the joints, manufacturing details and the final finish. The most complicated part of this project was to create individual elements in detail and to come up with the manufacturing method to achieve the desired outcome.


Golden chandelier suspended from the ceiling


Golden Chandelier view


Work in progress



The table structure comprises architecturally based scaled details and consists of two identical 150cm diameter circles made of molded steel with detailed leg endings.

The metal surface foundation forms a territorial platform (GROUND), the upper glass plate of the same diameter is a kind of umbrella (SKY).  Both circular platforms are connected by a four tower-like element. On one side of the tower, you can spot windows, tunnels  & the canals of the city are crafted within the profile of the base of the table. This object has been inspired by cities and their various ,levels’.


Ground & Sky table


Ground & Sky table detail


Ground & Sky table base profile detail



This project was a reconstruction of a factory interior located at the Zbrojovka Brno industrial complex in the Czech Republic.

The project was created gradually and was based on the personal interest of a private investor and the commitment of a dedicated architect. Several steel pieces were created including structures that define the entire area. Materials found in the vicinity of the factory were also used – original concrete segments, etc..


Main reception view


Bathroom view


Kitchen console


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