Wicklow Residence – Most recent images

This cottage extension and redesign is coming on well. All of the main construction work is now complete and the underfloor heating and screed have been laid. We have been busy finalising the joinery and finishes specification for the next stage of the project. A key detail of ours was to retain the original stone wall within the new extension as much as possible. Not all of it is in great condition but we wanted to create a feature along the stairs. The stone wall was the original back wall of the property and references the age of the original structure. The new extension will contrast well against the old fabric and offer a strong visual distinction.

The stairs is going to house some much needed storage… invisible within the main space. And my favourite element – fire rated glass is going to be fitted to the stair string to the ceiling so that the client can appreciate the stone wall from the main kitchen and living space.

The combination of old and new materials can have striking effects. The original cottage was brimming with character so it was really important to us to maintain as much of that as possible.

Photos to date: Work in Progress

Laying the pipework for the underfloor heating
Original stone wall that we are retaining
Pouring the screed