Time Without Technology

In a world so driven by technology, it is nearly impossible to truly find a minute to stop and breathe.
Less than two weeks in after the Christmas break and it is straight back into being constantly ‘active’ and contactable.

Of course there are so many benefits and advantage to our increasing technological world, but sometimes I find it a little too much.

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I read a very interesting article in Kinfolk recently by my biggest design inspiration Ilse Crawford about this very subject:

Kinfolk Magazine

“Technology development is hugely important – as is the etiquette around it and making parameters where you are not defined by it.It’s a set of tools – you exist independently of it.”
This is important to remember! For me myself, between all the social media channels, emails, netflix and everything else, I barely turn off technology when I am sleeping.. I even sleep next to my phone and check mails in bed.

It is proven that too much time spent absorbed in your phone and the cyber world can have negative effects on peoples mental health. There is constantly a need to compare your life and experiences with others. It is so important to have a space where you can wind down and just be. There is no better and more real place to do this than in the comfort of your own home.

Interior inspiration from the talented Studio Ilse
Interior inspiration from the talented Studio Ilse

I think it is time to focus on keeping the home a home. As well as being a functional and interactive space, the home should help you reconnect with both yourself and your family. There are a lot of emotional factors and associations with the feeling of ‘home’.

Spatial layouts have long since shifted to open plan, adaptable and highly functional designs. More emphasis is paid to the way the space can facilitate your efficient, busy and multi-tasking lifestyle than is paid to having some quiet time, enjoying a meal with your family or creating a calm environment to read and relax.

Relaxing design inspiration from Studio Ilse
Relaxing design inspiration from Studio Ilse

It makes me think that some separate rooms should be kept in a house. A calming, technology free space in a house is a must. Whether it is a contemporary take on the formal dining room; a designated space to enjoy the simple things in life – good food and conversation, a room to host and entertain friends or a tranquil television free bedroom.

Although we now have the power to constantly be contactable, constantly access the internet and constantly be ‘active’, sometimes the best thing for us is to shut off!

Photo by Alex Stoddard
Photo by Alex Stoddard


Ilse Crawford Inspiration!

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