Après-Ski Pop-up Bar – Work in progress 2

Midweek progress at the Après-Ski @ I BELIEVE™ Christmas Village

With just a day left until opening, the KLD team, essentially cliché busy elves, have been going nonstop out at the chq building for our Après-Ski pop-up bar. The spirit of the holidays is palpable: there is a great buzz around Georges Dock with all the setting up taking place, and will soon be open to the public who will fill it with merriment.

Obviously the bar has been a major focus. Chief of joinery, Stephen, has been spearheading this operation with his crew. Definitely foreseeing plenty of whiskey gingers to be concocted here upon completion.

Our 184 stool assembly task is finished and our tables have been placed according to our floor plan; they are more than ready to be occupied, so why not book a table in advance?

Becky and Aaron have been extending those limbs painting the town black, every stroke a work of pure perfection! Their next target is the DJ booth. I can hear the jingles already and they are so sonically pleasing.


A myriad of a lanterns, boxed in a Russian doll manner with three varying sizes, have been unveiled from their packaging. We were intrigued with the lantern inception and are looking forward to artfully distributing them.

Along with these rustic archaic lighting bits came lovely rope-handle glass jars and candles that will soon be lit within them. Just envision this dreamy illumination- it really ties together the ideal winter ambiance we all seek during this season.

We are awaiting the arrival of our trees and thus have begun crafting our endearing hessian bows that will drape over the pine branches intertwined with fairy lights. Do you smell that festive and soothing aroma filling the venue? I do.

Along with pine, we have lots of holly and foliage to form wreaths. Just some final touches and styling of our sheepskins, woolly blankets, and cozy cushions and the pop-up bar is good to go.

We are incredibly excited to be a part of this fantastical Christmas Village. And Christmas is just a month away! So come down to Après-ski, the wondrous pop-up Scandinavian alpine lodge, and marinate in the jolly Yuletide vibes over delectable appetizers and flavorsome beverages this opening weekend.

Après-ski @ I BELIEVE™ Christmas Village

Après-ski @ I BELIEVE™ Christmas Village

Après-ski refers to social activities after an adventurous day out skiing and snowboarding on the slopes. AKA posting up in a cozy location that has a jolly atmosphere, fine beverages, and some tunes to move to.

It is a custom that is rich in winter culture and celebration. As are Nordic countries! So we are bringing the two together in our design for the pop-up bar at the I BELIEVE™ Christmas village: a Scandinavian themed alpine establishment.


I BELIEVE™ Christmas village is Ireland’s first winter food, drink, craft, and horticulture festival based around what will be the country’s most legendary Christmas tree. At a massive 50 foot height, it will pay homage to the Rockefeller Tree in New York.

Held at the Custom House Quarter and the neighbouring area of George’s Dock, I BELIEVE™ will be hosting an array of Irish businesses, craftspeople, charities, producers, and traders.

They will all be selling intricate and unique goods to make for the perfect Christmas gifts while also supporting the local economy.

Santa and his elves will also of course be a key feature at the village: their designated area will offer arts and crafts, where letter writing to Old Saint Nick is encouraged whilst family Christmas movies are being aired.

Our Après-ski pop-up bar located here will be the quintessential festive space to socialise as we enter the holiday season. It will be clad with dreamy lighting, luxe sheepskin throws, a plethora of christmas trees, and more.

Here is a little sample sneak preview of what we have in store

In addition to an abundance of rustic seats, a full bar, and catchy jams on the speakers, the Après-ski will be the pinnacle of Yuletide fun; the ideal place to rendezvous for a merry pregame or a corporate event.

The option to book tables is available at no minimum for €15pp. This includes:
+A private table for you and your mate(s)
+Personalised VIP “ski pass”
+A choice of drink from our aperitif selection on arrival
+Table service from our designated Chalet staff

Check out the official Après-ski pop-up Scandinavian Lodge  page and Facebook event

Here is the venue space amidst preparation

The I BELIEVE™ Christmas village will be an incredibly jovial experience running from November 27th to December 23rd, 7 days a week.

Ski attire at our pop-up bar is optional but encouraged. Why not get festive and break out that retro snowsuit? Sport a trapper hat. Accessorise with snow goggles. Tis the season!

Now enjoy some vintage ski fashion to get in the mood