Brogue, Window installation, Geneva

The brief for this project was to design an exciting and inviting window display for Brogue shoe shop in Geneva.  Brogue is an exclusive, stand-alone retailer located in the banking district of geneva. Selling only premium hand-made shoes, Brogue cannot be rivalled for quality and desirability. Set in an ideal location, Brogues client list consists of successful business men and city bankers. They take pride in their appearance, and invest in quality items. Brogue’s key attribute is that they offer more than most retailers, Brogue provide their clients with an overall experience; and the window  design should compliment and add to this experience, enhancing the aesthetic of the space as well as alluring new passers by within.

Our  concept for the design is inspired by the fact that every  single  shoe sold in your shop has been  carefully selected by you. We want to continue this idea and playfully express it in the window. Ripe, beautiful, budding shoes  will grow from an orchard of trees within the window, waiting for Brogue to climb the trees and carefully  hand-pick  the  best shoes, the pick of the crop, for their boutique. Fusing elaborate installation with enchanting imagery, our design will showcase your finest produce at their best and make it impossible for passers by not to take a closer look.

Below is a full walk through of our build from stirring cement to hand sticking on over 2500 leaves!!