Gallery Walls

There are few better ways to add character and personality to your home than displaying personal treasures, trinkets and art on a gallery wall.

Gallery walls allow you to show off an eclectic mix of your favorite items with no major rules about what can and can’t be included.

It’s always a nice idea to try to source pieces that are indicative of you and your personality. Tell a story on your wall; your story. Items of personal significance or with a sentimental value are a particularly good bet for a gallery wall.

Aside from the usual prints, art, canvas, photos consider items like decorative plates, unusual mirrors, taxidermy, wall hangings, sculptural pieces, hats, jewellery, garlands or embroidery hoops.

One new trend in the gallery wall movement is the use of corner spaces, where two walls are used instead of just one and this can also be really effective and dynamic in drawing the eye around the space.

The fear most people have about creating a gallery wall is that they will get it wrong. While proportion and balance are super important, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to gallery walls.

There is tonnes of inspiration and ideas on how you can approach a gallery wall, and its really just a case of building a collection of items you love and taking the plunge from there.

That said, your gallery doesn’t have to be haphazard or a non-logical process. One great way to test out your gallery wall, is to lay all of your items out on the floor and play around with the layout. Once you’ve reached a layout you’re happy with, you can just transfer them items to a wall of your choice.

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