A KLD Wedding!!

A KLD Wedding!! What better way to say congratulations to the bride and groom then with the gift of styling…

Some of you might remember the lovely Kate who worked with us at KLD last year. Well last weekend she became a beautiful bride, to a very luck groom, in the stunning venue of Abbaye de Talloires  in France. As a friend and part of the KLD family Roisin and I (with the help of many hands) got together to make her dream wedding a reality.

A KLD Wedding
Custom stamped brown paper bag of Eucalyptus

The dream, a whimsical, magical, fairy tale forest was created with printed forest banners, hand-cut paper leaves and flowers along with fresh wild flowers set against babies breath center pieces. The backdrop for the wedding was the beautiful sunshine and gardens of the venue which had the character of the old brick walls and shutters right on the lake.

A KLD Wedding
Paper flowers
A KLD Wedding
Babies Breath table center pieces

We added to the depth and texture to the space with arches of hanging local foliage to frame the windows. (we got luck on the styling day, they were trimming back foliage around the corner from the hotel and kindly let us have it!)

A KLD Wedding
Foliage and paper leaves
KLD Wedding
Paper leaf chandelier
KLD Wedding
Rustic ladder details

The wedding cake was decorated by another friend of ours, the very talented artist Peter Homan. 

KLD Wedding
The beautiful Bride & Groom

A big congratulation to the beautiful couple, wishing you a very happy life together from all at KLD!


Add some reflective surfaces for depth and light within your garden…..

If your feeling like spending the weekend outdoors we have some great garden DIY inspiration for the sunny weekend ahead.

Mirrors are a fantastic way to brighten up any garden space. Adding large or small mirrors to your garden creates extra dimension to the space.

Adding mirrors to your garden not only creates extra dimension to the space but it also increases the light in the space as the sun moves throughout the day. It also reflects the planting that you have within the garden, making the garden feel much fuller and giving the garden more depth. This idea works particularly well with small gardens making the garden feel twice the size.

We here at KLD did some of our own garden mirror DIY during the week, and here is how it is done.


  1. Mirror with decorative feature or frame
  2. Paint – We prefer to use bright fun colours to brighten up your garden space.
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Metal Wire


  1. Select a mirror in which you would like to revive. This can be an existing old mirror which you have in your house which you no longer use or a new one. We chose the ‘UNG DRILL’ mirror from IKEA.
  2. Take the paint colour that you wish to use on your mirror. We chose the colour ‘Secret Lagoon’ from the Cuprinol ‘HAMMERITE’ range.
  3. Paint your mirror and wait for it to dry, it may need two coats if the mirror was a dark colour to begin with.
  4. Use the metal wire to hang your mirror on your garden fence or wall.


  1. CUPRINOL do a great range of garden paints for all your garden DIY.
  2. IKEA have a great selection of affordable mirrors if you don’t have one at home.