A KLD Wedding!!

A KLD Wedding!! What better way to say congratulations to the bride and groom then with the gift of styling…

Some of you might remember the lovely Kate who worked with us at KLD last year. Well last weekend she became a beautiful bride, to a very luck groom, in the stunning venue of Abbaye de Talloires  in France. As a friend and part of the KLD family Roisin and I (with the help of many hands) got together to make her dream wedding a reality.

A KLD Wedding
Custom stamped brown paper bag of Eucalyptus

The dream, a whimsical, magical, fairy tale forest was created with printed forest banners, hand-cut paper leaves and flowers along with fresh wild flowers set against babies breath center pieces. The backdrop for the wedding was the beautiful sunshine and gardens of the venue which had the character of the old brick walls and shutters right on the lake.

A KLD Wedding
Paper flowers
A KLD Wedding
Babies Breath table center pieces

We added to the depth and texture to the space with arches of hanging local foliage to frame the windows. (we got luck on the styling day, they were trimming back foliage around the corner from the hotel and kindly let us have it!)

A KLD Wedding
Foliage and paper leaves
KLD Wedding
Paper leaf chandelier
KLD Wedding
Rustic ladder details

The wedding cake was decorated by another friend of ours, the very talented artist Peter Homan. 

KLD Wedding
The beautiful Bride & Groom

A big congratulation to the beautiful couple, wishing you a very happy life together from all at KLD!

‘How to’….Wild Flower Bouquets

Create a beautiful in season Irish wild flower bouquet…


We are thinking all things flowers this week with the sunny weather (spells) and the launch of Super Garden on RTE1.

We here at KLD adore wild flower bouquets,  with each bouquet unique with it’s natural beauty and a touch of rustic elegance.

The experts at Appassionata flowers recently created a stunning wild flower bouquet for us for a photoshoot and it got us thinking on how to recreate this using in season Irish wild flowers which are right on our doorsteps.

The gorgeous wild flower bouquet from Appassionata Flowers.

There is a great website called wild flowers of Ireland which keeps you up to date on flowers which are in season at the moment. We have picked some of our favourites from here  that are currently in season to create your own wild flower bouquet.


Cowslip – A yellow-orange flower which has been noticeably absent for sometime but thankfully is making a come back. It can be found on roadsides and pastures.

Bluebell – Purple-blue in colour these are one of the most beautiful sights we see in our woodlands and over grassy banks. They can be found from April onwards each year.

Fringe Cups – These greenish-white flowers are beautiful fragrant flowers which flower in April and May. They are most unusual long steamed flowers which can grow up to 800mm high.

Fumaria Muralis – A tubular pink flower which is commonly found and seen as a garden weed. These flowers are a beautiful shade of pink with deep purple tips.

Summer Snowflake – A snow-white bell shaped flower which seems to hide in clusters in the shade of damp, riverside meadows. The summer snowflake flowers in April – May.

Marsh Violet – A five  heart-shaped petaled flower which is lilac in colour blooms in Ireland from April through to July. It can grow up to 150mm high and can be found throughout Ireland in acid blogs, marshy ground and damp woodlands.

Common Mouse-ear – A small white flower with a green stem which flowers from April to November. The Common Mouse-ear is frequently found on roadsides, disturbed ground and gardens.




  • Choose a range of weedy long steamed greens to mix in with the flowers, this will bulk out the bouquet and give it that wild unique look.
  • Try to find nice bright coloured flowers like yellows and pinks, this will make the bouquet pop with colour.
  • If you prefer to leave it up to the experts we would highly recommend Appassionata flowers for all your flowering needs