Floral Inspiration: Heather

This week’s floral inspiration explores purple heather and how you can incorporate this beautiful tone in your own home.  

One of the nicest sights is to see fields of wild heather growing across hills in the beautiful countryside. Heather thrives in climates like ours and brings a beautiful rich colour to the wild outdoors.

In our homes, this rich tone creates elegant design schemes with a sense of drama and style.

A number of things really compliment this beautiful tone.  For example, combining it with other rich shades like charcoal greys or dark and dusty greens.

Taking the example of wild heather growing in the countryside and echoing the green and gold tones of such settings also makes for beautiful interior schemes.

Metallics like copper, brass and antique gold sit beautifully with the rich warm tones of purple, while also providing an interesting contrast, particularly when used in a tarnished or antique finish.


Colour Suggestions

Cuprinol: Summer Damson, Lavendar, Purple Pansy, Pale Thistle

Dulux: 10RR 24/061, 30RB 53/117