Fleetwood Stand at House 2019

A Fleetwood Feast of Colour at House 2019

Well that was a blast. We are still in recovery from House 2019, it was a fantastic weekend and an incredible effort by all to bring the Fleetwood Paints stand to life. This year we had four room sets as opposed to last year’s two, doubling the size, doubling the effort and doubling the colour.

The colours were hand-picked by KLD Creative Director and Fleetwood Ambassador,  Róisín Lafferty, and offer just a small sample of what Fleetwood has to offer.

Thanks to Moore O’Gorman Joinery who once again made the beautiful Fleetwood stand and to Brendan for the amazing paint job.

Here is a little bit about the colours used for each room set.


Inspired by the depth and lustrous reds in artist Rothko’s evocative artworks, this strong tone creates a sense of drama and passion. Soften and layer with tones of dusty pink for a warm + intimate environment.

Fleetwood Stand at House 2019
Rothko Red


Drawn from the beautiful natural landscape of InishBofin, Bofin fern is a soft and inviting green that summons feelings of freshness, outdoors and works beautifully with dusty grey green tones.

Fleetwood Stand Kingston Lafferty Design
Bofin Fern


Inspired by Miami’s Wynwood Walls, this versatile hue is a KLD favourite. Combining navy and grey, this makes for a cocooning colour when used on walls and ceilings. It provides a warm and cozy environment to curl up in.

Fleetwood Stand Kingston Lafferty Design



Inspired by the infamous side car cocktail, this rich, jewel toned colour has a historic quality that adds sophistication to any room. Pair with pastel hues for a sense of fun or rich greys for a more elegant result.

Fleetwood Stand at House 2019 Kingston Lafferty Design
Side Car


Here is a short slow motion video of the last minute preparation of the Fleetwood stand:



And here is 360° motion look at the stand:

Visit the Fleetwood Paints website to find out more about the ranges of paint and colours they have on offer. Find them at www.fleetwood.ie.

Finally, we also want to thank Pieces.ie for helping us furnish the Fleetwood stand and to Woo Design for their  beautiful arm chairs for the Inspiration Stage.

Thanks also to Mullan Lighting for the beautiful chandeliers that added that extra touch of class to Fleetwood Stand.

Check out the rest of the photos of the Fleetwood Stand by photographer Al Higgins here.

Thanks to everyone who helped make House 2019 happen. It is always a huge team effort to both set up and break down and we appreciate the time, effort and commitment that went into making the stand outstanding.



Colour of the Week: Sapphire

This week’s colour is that of trust, clarity, and statistically the favourite colour of the most people in the world. Today, we are focusing on the colour blue, and specifically, for the month that is upon us, the September birthstone of Sapphire.

Iconic Offices: The Brickhouse

Sapphire & The Blue Family

Blue is psychologically a colour that can mean many different things. As the opposite of red and not commonly seen within foods, this hue lends itself to be unappetizing. However, it is also commonly associated with trust and it is the colour of a magnitude of different corporations and many country’s flags. Emotions and mental implications aside, blue can be a colour perfectly executed within interior design, whether it be in paint or furniture.

DFS Colour Happiness Installation at Chocolate Factory in Dublin, May 2018


Blue can be calm, or bold, or sophisticated. It is all about how it is played off within a space. Here are some tips on how to incorporate sapphire and blue into your own design endeavors!

  • for a more sophisticated look within a space, pair navy blues with woodsy, rich brown shades. This creates a similar royalty vibe to more purple tones, without becoming overpowering and retaining the peacefulness of its cooler nature.
  • Blues pair amazingly with other cool tones, specifically cool grays. Try balancing the two together for a modern take on blue.
  • Blues tend to work best when balanced with other colours of a similar brightness. If using bright blues, try using bright yellow and white to give the room a fun colourful look. Pair deeper blues with more aged tones, such as burnt ambers and mustards. Pair grey-blues with other muted hues, such as muted red.
Iconic Offices: The Brickhouse


Huguenot House, St Stephen’s Green penthouse design

Paint Options

At KLD we use Fleetwood Paints for a majority of our work. Here is a selection of our favourite sapphire-blue inspired shades!