The Emerald Green colour evokes a feeling of  rich, beautiful almost regal qualities. It is a warm colour with depth which gives it more refined and elegant characteristics.

Emerald Green colour is a tone of green that is particularly bright and rich, the name derives from the appearance of the Emerald gemstone. Due to its eye-catching characteristic,  one would not consider using it in a regular domestic environment.

We love working with DULUX colours due to their wide range of colour choices.

Our favourite Emerald Green DULUX range: DULUX50GG18/353   & DULUX70GG09/223


DULUX 50GG18/353 & DULUX 70GG09/223



Maybe a slightly unusual colour choice, but have you ever considered using emerald green as a colour choice for your kitchen joinery cabinets? Opting for a strong colour for the joinery will instantly create a focal point for your room. When choosing a strong colour, simplify the design to balance the overall effect. This type of green works really well with reds, blues, or a neutral colour palette.

Painting the wall in a slightly darker tone of emerald green will create a cosy and calming background for a study environment, libraries or hallways.

Soft furnishing in this colour will add a touch of luxury. This is one of those colours that evokes luxury and sophistication instantly. In combination with metallics, marble or any natural stones you are on the road to a beautiful design.

Not to mention our favourite, tiles. You can find a variety of bathroom or kitchen tiles that are simply beautiful.



Emerald Green bathroom flooring tiles




Emerald colour overload