The colour Denim Drift comes from the blue colour family group and has been announced to be Dulux‘s Colour of the Year 2017!

This colour is a mixture of grey and blue hues and is a must have colour for 2017 colour palette, selected by the team of global experts. Timeless and versatile colour has certain calming properties and easy on the eye. As the boundary between work life and personal life is shifting, creating a work-life balance is on everyone’s agenda. Denim Drift creates an inviting mood and private sanctuary to escape from the busy lifestyle.

We love working with DULUX colours due to their wide range of colour choices.

Our favourite Denim Drift DULUX range: DULUX  87BG27/077


Denim Drift 87BG27/077 Dulux colour palette


Metallics such as gold, brass or copper work very nicely with denim drift colour. Add a metallic pendant, table lamp or accessories for an extra shine in this calming environment.

Denim Drift wall panelling


Stunning kitchen joinery units with a natural stone worktop and backsplash complementing each other beautifully.

Denim Drift kitchen joinery in combination with natural stone


We would recommend using Denim Drift in bedroom areas. In combination with neutrals, this colour will withstand any colour ‘fashion’ trends. If your design preference stirs more towards simplicity rather than opulence, this colour will be your perfect choice. For kitchen areas, paint your kitchen units in the same colour as the wall. By doing so, units will automatically blend into the surrounding environment. To enhance the effect of the ultimate simplicity, paint the kitchen island in the same colour too.

Add kitchen utensils, plants, extravagant lighting or any personal items you want to display to add a splash of colour and also to create a focal point of the space.













The colour Pink is feminine and romantic, positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings. 

Blush pink is a more muted version of the big sister pink colour. Presumably being shy,  blush pink steps up from the shadows by its softness and its feminine characteristics. In combination with dark and strong colours, blush pink stands the ground and becomes the star of the show.

We love working with DULUX colours due to their wide range of colour choices.

Our favourite Blush Pink DULUX range: DULUX 70RR65/053  & DULUX70RR66/072


DULUX 70RR65/053 & DULUX 70RR66/072


A combination of materials such as velvet soft furnishing, metallics like copper, brass or marble stone will create a luxurious and delicate feel in any interior space.

We love using soft pink for banquette seating upholstery. Consider having a blush pink headboard for the master bedroom for a touch of luxury. By painting the walls in a darker colour, you will balance the femininity of its tone with a more masculine surrounding.

Have you ever thought of having a pink bathroom instead of the standard white? Geometric square tiles with charcoal grout and black fittings create almost a futuristic environment.

Blush pink tones are becoming more and more popular not only in the commercial but also in residential interiors as people don’t think of it as a colour choice solely being for girls’ bedrooms only.

Blush pink wall in the kitchen works nicely with teal joinery and charcoal grey or dark blue backsplash.

Marble tiles in various tones is a brilliant option to create  stunning effects for flooring, kitchen backsplashes or bathrooms.


Blush pink marble bathroom


Blush pink marble backsplash


Blush pink marble tile flooring