Before and After Video: St Stephen’s Green Penthouse

Before and After Video: St Stephen’s Green Penthouse, Huguenot House


To see further photos and details head over to the of our Huguenot House, St Stephen’s Green Project Page.

Before and After Video: Ranelagh Residence

Before and After: A mid-terrace, Georgian townhouse, our most challenging project to date.



To see more details and photographs of this Ranelagh Project, head over the the Ranelagh Residence Project Page.



First 2016 Exhibitions at RHA Gallery

Last Thursday, January 14th, the RHA Gallery held their New Year Exhibition opening.

The incredible featured works included:

Mick O’Dea, The Foggy Dew

David Farrell, Before, During, After…Almost

Maeve McCarthy, The Return

HUT Project Part II: Jonathan Mayhew, All Flowers In Time

O’Dea’s impressive thirteen feet high paintings reflect upon a revolutionary history in commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising centennial; historic images capturing the zeitgeist of the War of Independence.

Farrell’s factual photographs also pay homage to 1916, depicting its effects from the 60s onwards that portray the immense social and political change that occurred through out the country. 

His diverse images encapsulate the vernacular of the time with themes including religion and rural identity. A special event held on February 10th at 6pm, lead by Director Patrick T. Murphy, will discuss the collective photographic essay. 

McCarthy’s work explores her relationship with a shared home in her family in Northern Ireland: charcoal drawings of nighttime landscapes evoked from memories of summer vacations to the farm prior to The Troubles, when it was then sold.

Mayhew’s work investigates the transient nature of people’s perceptions of surroundings, suggesting that what is considered as pleasing may just be a result of sugarcoated memories.

Check out these brilliant exhibitions at RHA Gallery until February 21st.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday:
11.00am – 5.00pm

Wednesday LATE night opening:
11.00am – 8.00pm

12.00pm – 5.00pm

Admission to RHA Gallery is free!

Travel inspiration – Dublin

WHERE: Dublin, Ireland

WHY: Ireland’s capital and east coast city is widely known for it’s many acclaimed literary figures, revolutionary past, and perfected pints of that black stuff.

I have visited Ireland every year since I was born, typically staying in Dublin for no longer than four days at a time. Its small size was something I was familiar with, but it never felt that palpable to me as I was always had a full schedule of specific family plans.

My perception of Dublin altered when I moved here in September. With a few months past I have fully processed its small-scale, not only from being immersed within the landscape and comparing it to New York, but having people reiterate this notion to me in a jaded tone.

Yes, Dublin is a small and damp city, but those aspects certainly do not have to carry negative connotations. It can be easy to overlook the many gems within any place as a native or a well-seasoned resident.

Attending niche events has been one of my favorite aspects of Dublin. As a 35mm photographer I have found the community here so accessible and inviting in comparison to other cities, where I find it a bit more difficult to become so easily involved in such a network and its resources simply due to size.

Take a look into some of the prime spots that have captivated me and will hopefully reinforce that idea to appreciate a location no matter how adjusted a person has become.

FOOD: Blazing Salads

I will be honest, if I were to encounter another potato or form of beef I would probably recoil. I do deeply enjoy them both, but excess of anything will do no favors to a person and their tastebuds. Blazing Salads, a wholefood vegetarian deli located on Drury Street, rescued me.

After consuming my Green Beard’s juice and cacao protein ball I felt so pure, so fit, simply the pinnacle of health. The essence of vigor honestly.

All ingredients and products carefully sourced, no artificial sugars in anything, the most flavorful salad bar options (both hot and cold) to fulfill your wildest concoction desires, frozen goods (did someone say dairy free ice cream? Yes, Blazing Salads did), plus everything and more.

Satisfy hunger here while reaping the benefits of tasty nutrition!

ARTS: The Library Project

It is highly unlikely any local willingly goes through Temple Bar, the notorious tourist trap. Yet within its many overpriced bars and restaurants is a store called The Library Project.

Run by PhotoIreland, this place offers unique printed matter; DIY zines, independent publications, photobooks, and framed art. They also host and organize relevant events in support of photography and publishing, including the print fair Halftone.

I purchased a copy of issue #11 of 2ha; a Dublin based magazine interested in the suburbs.

Its overarching theme is a critical analysis of suburbia: providing discourse on its history, meaning, attitudes, and pop culture representations. Each issue takes on a particular theme (i.e. Suburbia + Modernism, Suburbia + Sport, etc.) where content on such matters are engaged with by architects, artists, and academics.

Add to your book collection and gain some creative knowledge with their profound selection.

RELAX: National Botanic Gardens

Vast enclosed green acreage located in Glasnevin, the National Botanic Gardens is the ideal spot to escape the concrete jungle.

The glasshouses, constructed in the late 19th century, are an integral feature as their build is so magnificent. Once inside, they provide a warm climate (a nice alternative to our wet windy weather) with endless aromatically and visually pleasing plants.

Outside the glasshouses, saunter about tall trees, placid ponds, and gorgeous gardens. Green spaces such as the National Botanic Gardens provide lungs for the city and the restorative benefits of nature for humans.

Entry here is free! Come to this oasis to experience nature any day of the week before 4:15pm.

DRINK: P. Mac’s

Step into this watering hole on located on Stephen Street Lower and you are bound to hear Bikini Kill, Nine Inch Nails, or Pearl Jam.

Sip on craft beer while sitting on and amongst vintage mismatched furniture while massive brass candlesticks are dripping with oxblood wax.
P. Mac’s offers complete access to a stack of board games including Jenga, Scrabble, and Guess Who, while moody lighting accentuates the cozy atmosphere.

If you are afraid of clowns I suggest not turning right once you past the bar on your way in. There may or may not be an unusual mural of said circus character.

Playing the dating game? This is your spot to take your next catch because if things get awkward you can just deeply focus on a board game!

Ranelagh Residence Interior Design in N.M House Magazine

We are always delighted, here at Kingston Lafferty Design, to have our interior design work featured in the press.

We are particularly chuffed when featured in press in different countries. Our project Ranelagh Residence is currently featured in Ukrainian interiors magazine N.M House.

Check out piece below to see images and spread!

To see more of our Interior Design press coverage check out our Press & Awards page.

Interiors Magazine NM House
Ranelagh Residence featured in Ukrainian interiors magazine N.M House
Ranelagh Residence in Ukranian interiors magazine N.M House
Ranelagh Residence featured in Ukrainian interior design magazine N.M House

Ranelagh Residence featured in NM House Magazine.

Ukranian interiors magazine N.M House
Ukrainian interiors magazine N.M House
Ukranian interiors magazine N.M House
Ukrainian interiors magazine N.M House




Ukranian interiors magazine N.M House
Ukrainian interiors magazine N.M House






Emission Zero Eco Fashion Show Lillies Bordello
The Invitation for the event
       The Lord Mayor of Dublin came to the event to present some awards


Kingston Lafferty Design enjoying their hard work!…The banners in all the photos were part of the graphic design
Some photos of the models at the event
Fade Streets CiCi Cavanagh was DJ on the night