House of Peroni at the RHA

House of Peroni launches at the Royal Hibernian Academy

It was many months ago when KLD Creative Director Róisín Lafferty was approached to design the aesthetic of House of Peroni at the Royal Hibernian Academy. Roisin would be joined with two other leading creatives, Killian Crowley, chef extraordinaire and Kev Freeney Creative Director of Algorithm to complete the whole House of Peroni experience.

Puglia Italy inspiration for House of Peroni
Puglia Arches


In order to influence their design/food all three were sent to Puglia in southern Italy in order to get influence from the sights, sounds, architecture, colour and nature.

Puglia Arch with Beautiful Blue Sky



“Taking inspiration from the architectural forms in Puglia, we wanted to play with the notion of scale, blowing up the elemental shapes and forms to create an immersive and playful landscape to explore and play. Leading you through the archways, the space will encourage you to wander and weave your way throughout the different sensory experiences.”


Beautiful Puglia Arches, Architecture and Cacti


KLD Creative Director, Róisín Lafferty taking inspiration from the sights in Puglia


On her visit:

“Brimming with sophistication and elegance, Puglia’s aesthetic of refined arches, understated whites, and glistening jewel seascapes, frame the chilled and inviting environment there. For the 2019 House of Peroni, I wanted to capture some of Puglia’s charm and character in the design.”


Róisín also visited the RHA in order to see how her vision of Puglia would fit in the reception area and lobby of the RHA.  Have a look at this video to hear more of Róisín’s inspiration behind the design.



Róisín and team KLD then set about with the design. Arches feature very strongly, as do the colours white and blue.

House of Peroni Concept Moodboard


Concept for KLDs House of Peroni


We are thrilled with the end results of the the work, which was undertaken by Neon Agency.


The launch night was held on 21 August, one day before the official opening. Here are some photos of the end result at the RHA. Our official photos will be available shortly.


House of Peroni Arches



House of Peroni at the RHA Reception Area


Of course this is, as always, a team effort and here is team KLD looking very fetching in blue and white at the official launch of House of Peroni Ireland 2019.


Team KLD


Check out this interview with Róisín in Tatler Magazine

Here is article in Lovin’ Dublin where Róisín talks about building up her business as well as her influences for House of Peroni.

Thanks to everyone at Richmond Marketing and Elevate PR who made the whole thing happen. House of Peroni runs until 1 September at the RHA. Not to be missed, you can book your tasting menu tickets here : House of Peroni Dining Experience

20 Questions with Design Intern Aisling FitzGibbon

Aisling Fitzgibbon joined us as a design intern in August 2018. Aisling has just completed her 2nd year in Interior Architecture Griffith College and is looking forward to heading back into 3rd year in September. Hungry for knowledge, Aisling is also doing a part time course in garden design. Aisling has been an incredible addition to the team while she’s been at KLD and has quite literally been doing a bit of everything, from creating moodboards, to developing initial plans for projects and of course lots of driving to sites. Watch this space.

1. What could you not live without?

Most definitely my puppies!

Lovely puppies

2. Where would be your ideal weekend break?

I’d love a city break maybe Paris for a weekend.

3. Who is your favourite interior designer in the world?

There’s many but if I had to choose one it’s the design firm Studio Modijefsky in Amsterdam, their interiors are really different, and they play with colour a lot which I love.

Design by Studio Modijefsky in Amsterdam

4. What would your ideal day out in Dublin be?

Probably a visit to the zoo and feeding the deer in the park. Big animal lover over here.

5. What do you love about interior design?

I love that there are no boundaries when designing and the freedom you have when creating something beautiful. Being able to transform a space for people to live and work in which impacts people’s everyday lives is really special!

6. Your favourite gadget or app?

Definitely Instagram but JustEat is probably used more…

7. What’s on your bucket list?

Lots of travel adventures are on it but the main one up there is to live in New Zealand one day.

New Zealand

8. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Ambitious, Optimistic, Creative

9. What is your favourite saying?

“It always seems impossible until its done” – Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

10. What’s your stress reliever?

Coming home to my puppies! And of course, love a good bath.

11. Who would you happily be stranded on a desert island with?

Wilson of course. (Get the tissues ready…)

12. How would you describe your family?

Crazy but always there for one another ?

13. Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

Working somewhere I love and to be happy!

14. What’s your favourite meal?

Thai food is my weakness.

15. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I really want to visit Iceland it looks amazing.


16. Favourite hotel?

I’ve always wanted to visit Giraffe Manor in Kenya for the experience and give my breakfast away to them all!

Giraffe Manor

17. How would you describe your home town?

Greystones in County Wicklow — Typically Irish

18. What’s in your handbag?

Phone, purse, earphones, keys, pens and pencils, chewing gum and lip balm.

19. What’s your favourite movie?

Tough one there is so many. I couldn’t choose just one, but Man on Fire is one of the favs.

Man On Fire

20. What’s on your to-do list for 2018-2019?

Travel more, start some new exciting projects and gain all the experience I can from my time at KLD!

London Residence – The finishing Touches

We were on site this week at our London Residence project where the final touches to the design are being installed.

You may remember our London Residence project from last year and with the patterned tiles, timber and minty green kitchen complete it is now time for joinery, copper, paneling, upholstery and prints.

London Residence
Copper and timber ladder detail


London Residence
Copper and timber ladder detail


London Residence
Copper hanging pot rack and light detail


The details really tie together the over all design for this vibrant young couple in the London Fields area of London. They wanted to create a home that expressed their character and strike a balance between sophistication and fun, the perfect place for family as well as entertaining friends.

London Residence
Prints and Wallpaper in the hallway


The project is bold and playful in it’s use of both colour and materials with patterned fabrics, wallpaper, prints and paint all adding the the base of tiles and wooden floors.

London Residence
Living room joinery with beveled mirror doors


London Residence
Living room paneling going up


With only painting and decorative lights to to be fitted we cannot wait to share the final photos of our London Residence! But until then, there are a few on site photos of the joinery and copper installation above…

‘How to’….Wild Flower Bouquets

Create a beautiful in season Irish wild flower bouquet…


We are thinking all things flowers this week with the sunny weather (spells) and the launch of Super Garden on RTE1.

We here at KLD adore wild flower bouquets,  with each bouquet unique with it’s natural beauty and a touch of rustic elegance.

The experts at Appassionata flowers recently created a stunning wild flower bouquet for us for a photoshoot and it got us thinking on how to recreate this using in season Irish wild flowers which are right on our doorsteps.

The gorgeous wild flower bouquet from Appassionata Flowers.

There is a great website called wild flowers of Ireland which keeps you up to date on flowers which are in season at the moment. We have picked some of our favourites from here  that are currently in season to create your own wild flower bouquet.


Cowslip – A yellow-orange flower which has been noticeably absent for sometime but thankfully is making a come back. It can be found on roadsides and pastures.

Bluebell – Purple-blue in colour these are one of the most beautiful sights we see in our woodlands and over grassy banks. They can be found from April onwards each year.

Fringe Cups – These greenish-white flowers are beautiful fragrant flowers which flower in April and May. They are most unusual long steamed flowers which can grow up to 800mm high.

Fumaria Muralis – A tubular pink flower which is commonly found and seen as a garden weed. These flowers are a beautiful shade of pink with deep purple tips.

Summer Snowflake – A snow-white bell shaped flower which seems to hide in clusters in the shade of damp, riverside meadows. The summer snowflake flowers in April – May.

Marsh Violet – A five  heart-shaped petaled flower which is lilac in colour blooms in Ireland from April through to July. It can grow up to 150mm high and can be found throughout Ireland in acid blogs, marshy ground and damp woodlands.

Common Mouse-ear – A small white flower with a green stem which flowers from April to November. The Common Mouse-ear is frequently found on roadsides, disturbed ground and gardens.




  • Choose a range of weedy long steamed greens to mix in with the flowers, this will bulk out the bouquet and give it that wild unique look.
  • Try to find nice bright coloured flowers like yellows and pinks, this will make the bouquet pop with colour.
  • If you prefer to leave it up to the experts we would highly recommend Appassionata flowers for all your flowering needs







Apartment Gardens: 8 Dreamy City Gardens

City gardens are a lot more feasible than we realise but living in an apartment in the heart of the city often means compromised space, and little or no outside space and we often overlook the potential of small patios or balconies.

But who could blame us? In Ireland especially, balconies and gardens may only get used on the one week of the year the sun decides to show its face.

But that’s where we’re going wrong – because you don’t necessarily need an endless supply of sunshine to make your outside spaces super comfortable and functional.

Some cosy, waterproof furnishings, pretty lighting and lots and lots of gorgeous greenery can easily make a beautiful, relaxing, chill out space.

Here is a collection of some seriously gorgeous city garden imagery we’ve found to inspire your inner Gardner:


Use interior pieces like rugs and cushions to bring warmth and a soft, ‘residential’ feel to your balcony space.

Gorgeous textiles will be key for creating a warm space, that you’ll want to use all year round.


In lieu of flower beds, use old suitcases, shelving or bespoke pieces like the one above to create your own fabulous floral displays.


Adding texture to a wall is one of our favourite tricks – create a feature wall with dimension and movement.


During the warmer months there is nothing nicer than al fresco dining, so consider investing in an outdoor table and chairs.


Cluster plant pots and trees of varying heights and styles to create a full, colourful corners.


Create your own minature green house with some enclosed shelving – how pretty (and practical)!?


Tiles, tiles, tiles – We are tile crazy, so no space goes untouched! Outside spaces can be utterly transformed with a tiling installation. Be it on floors, walls or even a feature installment, tiling will have serious impact!


Our Ranelagh Residence garden uses a bespoke table made from an unused door on trestle legs (and don’t let the word bespoke fool you – this cost next to nothing to make).

We hope these gorgeous images and ideas will inspire you to get out into your garden, balcony or patio and start enjoying the space.

Have you tried a small garden make over? Or do you want to but have something holding you back? Hit us up with your stories or any questions you may have – we’d love to hear from you.

Dip Dying

Dip Dying Inspiration….

I love seeing new and interesting ways to up-cycle old furniture and dip dying is my current favourite. Its such a simple way to give that old tired furniture the fresh lift it needs!

Keep the dip-dyed trend bright and fresh with adding a neon leg to a stool or chair, you can be as playful as you like with this trend by using dark colours for a more subtle impact or go for a bright neon pink or yellow for that wow factor!

We here at KLD are loving this new trend, have a look at our Pinterest board for some of our favourite dip died chair inspiration.


Follow Kingston Lafferty Design’s board Dip Dying on Pinterest.