David Bowie Appreciation

David Bowie was the embodiment of a trailblazer. He embraced the avant-garde and showcased the unconventional on an international scale.

Bowie’s finesse and tolerance made him a larger-than-life figure which sparked worship in many.

His detailed and ever-changing identities always had him a step ahead of the game; each associated with varying albums that were lyrically and sonically genius.

He constantly pushed boundaries: breaking aesthetic gender roles, developing a fictitious through his music, and electrifying cinema.

Bowie pioneered music genres and subgenres; experimenting with disco, new wave, jazz, electronica, pop, rock, punk, the list could go on forever. He had a such a profound influence on society and probably inspired 100% of the artists you listen to today.

Photograph by Derry Moore

Bold, charming, and erudite, Bowie’s death at 69 years old comes with immense sorrow. He pumped out brilliant music for over four decades: music that has been there for me through road trips with my dearest friends, college house parties evoking unison sing-a-longs, hazy summer evening walks, first heartbreak, and uncertainty.

The Man Who Fell to Earth, where he plays a captivating extraterrestrial, exudes escapism which stimulated my enthusiasm for tasteful science fiction films.

Screencap from The Man Who Fell to Earth

“I find only freedom in the realms of eccentricity,” David Bowie’s innovation permeated the collective humanities. In light of his passing, harness your individuality. I know this may sound painfully spacey, but just realize you are a living, breathing creature part of this vast planet which is part of a greater mysterious system. Take a moment to really let that sink in. Do you feel existential yet?

So materialize your ideas in every possible outlet. Own your flair. Transcend bigotry. Be compassionate.

That’s what I have learned from David Bowie’s brilliancy and I am so grateful for his complex contribution to the world. He’s guided so many people close to me to become the confident, inventive people they are today. Including myself.

Bowie’s presence was Ipso Facto ethereal, so I am sure he is enjoying the reign in the celestial city above.