Cuprinol Seagrass

As big fans of colour inside and out, we love using Cuprinol Garden Shades paint range to spruce up our exterior spaces.

The garden is very much the fifth room these days as space comes at a premium so getting the design and colours right has never been more important. Cuprinol’s garden shades provide the flexibility and variety so that you have a wide range of colour options for your exterior space. This means that is has never been easier to link your interior design with your exterior design. The benefit of the garden shades is that aswell as looking good, they are also weatherproof and stand the test of time in our Irish weather conditions!

Cuprinol Garden shades



A KLD favourite is Cuprinol in Seagrass. It is a subtle tone that creates a calming and serene environment. Due to it’s subtle shade, it works brilliantly on boundary treatments in your garden. It maximises small gardens and creates a calming environment. Because of the gentle green/grey tones, it also enhances planting and acts as great backdrop to greens, pinks and blues. The colour blends into the surrounding environment and optically extends the garden without creating a boundary. We would recommend using it on fences, walls and other boundaries in small gardens to visually enlarge the space.


Cuprinol Seagrass
Cuprinol Seagrass

Ranelagh residence is a Georgian property where we used seagrass colour on cladding. Seagrass works well in traditional but also contemporary spaces. With its grey base it nicely blends with other colours in the garden. It can also be used on a feature elements of the garden as it creates a subtle impact.

Suzie Khan from this years RTE Supergarden, has used Seagrass on her geodesic dome to prevent it from being too strong in the garden. Suzie has softened the dome by painting it in a soft seagrass shade.

Try it out with some other grey tones from Cuprinol this summer.